Westminster Abbey

27 March, 2006

We had more things to see before attending a performance
of Les Miserables in the evening. This included visiting the
flagship Virgin Records store, and an authentic British climbing shop,
(Those last two were my little idea!). We had to take the Tube to Piccadilly Circus,
and I believe at one tube station we could actually see it, only blocks away.

"Oy," I said to the ladies. "Is that it over there? We can just walk there, eh?"

"We are taking the Tube," they replied. Well, alrighty then.

It's tough to hoof it in pointy high-heel shoes I guess. Not fashionable either.
Mind the gap, he says. Never did get tired of hearing that.

View from across the Thames in Westminster
The London Eye
and the London
This part was constructed in stages from 1245 to 1517 A.D.
The North porch,
Westminster Abbey
Oblique view from the north side which includes the West Towers
North side of the
edifice with the
West Towers.
Rebuilt in the 1730's
The Northwest Tower
of St. Margaret's
Church, Westminster
The West Towers were completed in 1745
The West Towers of
the Abbey
I'm not sure why I took a picture of this building!
Near the Abbey
on Victoria Street
It has to be Trafalgar Square
Having emerged from
the Tube, I look up...
Tourguiding hapless parents around London Proper
Brianna fills in
the blanks for
her mom

Official Westminster Abbey website


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