The Tower of London

26 March, 2006

Here are twenty-seven pictures from our short tour at the Tower of London.
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Alissa & Brianna passing by the Roman Londinium wall
Entering the Tower,
passing the Londinium Wall.
The Union Jack is on the White Tower; at foreground left is Bowyer Tower, built ~ 1240 A.D by King Henry III. Waterloo Barracks in the middle.
Bowyer Tower
with a turret of the
White Tower beyond
American Native, Circa 1960 A.D.
Londinium Wall,
circa 200 A.D.
30 St Mary Axe, also known as the Swiss Re Building, 591 feet high and shaped like a pickle.
The Gherkin,
a curious & obvious
Sergeant Major Gruffhouse (Not his real name!), one of the Yeoman Warders
A Beefeater gives us
the history.
The original Tower, built in 1078 by William the Conqueror
The White Tower,
built in 1078 A.D.
Not only did it protect William the Conqueror from his enemies, it also protected his fellow Normans from Anglo-Saxons!
Another view of
the White Tower.
Recall 1066 A.D.
in your history books?
An example of Norman architechture, inside the White Tower.
Chapel of St. John
the Evangelist,
built c.1078
I can almost hear them singing, 'I love a man in a uniform...'
Mounted armour,
Tower Museum
Stuff that guys want in their living rooms, Chapter One
King's Armory,
Regimental Museum,
Tower of London
Charles the First, 1600-1649. There was a civil war during his reign. The pilgrims left England then as well. He was executed for treason.
This suit of armour
didn't save King
Charles I from
his beheading.
Stuff that guys want in their living rooms, Chapter Two
Pikes, spears,
and shields.
I just liked the looks of this window...
Stained glass
Regimental Museum
Tower of London
How many foot steps have echoed down this staircase?
Staircase in the
one-time Council
The lighted bulb was a great rarity in Medieval England!
More circular
steps, Can't recall
the building
Stuff that guys want in their living rooms, Chapter Three
sabres & knives
Where the lion sleeps...
Weaponry from
the Age of Reason,
Tower of London
Something for your little brother, dear?
Child's suit
of armour
displayed beside
the tallest suit
Known as WIlliam the First, he defeated King Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.
Wooden mask
of William1027-1087
They are as stalwart and as silent as the stone. And their rifles are loaded.
Sentry posted
outside the
Jewel House.
A 'bailey' is a castle wall, or the area within a set of castle walls.
Castle wall
finished in 1238
during the reign
of Henry III
Changing of the Guard
Changing Guard
near Queen's House,
Tower of London
Dramatic marching here.
The previous shift
and escort
leaving the post.
This is the little garden one sees near the barracks
English garden,
Tower of London
I think Anne Boleyn could see the Block from here...
Destiny's window
Tower of London
Wakefield Tower is where King Henry VI was murdered as he knelt to pray in 1471.
Ben & Alissa
Wakefield Tower

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