The Thames

and the Globe Theatre

28 March, 2006

This was our last day in London. Brianna had to get back to her studies
and we had to get back to Heathrowe so we could get on our way back home.
We had a short list of things left to do, however. Alissa wanted to see the
reconstruction of Sheakespeare's Globe Theatre, which is noble enough.

I, on the other hand, had something definitely not so noble in mind, but it is something
I've absolutely had to do everyplace I go that has a river running through it:

I had to go touch the water of the River Thames. Something about that just satisfies me.

Enjoying the rare sunny morning along the river
Alissa on the walkway
above the river
I know what you're thinking: will he sanitize his hands afterwards?!
Touching the historic
River Thames
Dude! Put it back!
Idiot Glee:
Me & the Thames
are One!
She can't bear to watch!
Away to the
Globe Theatre!
St Pauls across the Thames
Saint Paul's rises
across the Thames
On display at the Globe Theatre
on display
There are never any clouds onstage at the Globe
The boxes,
the cheaps,
and the Stage
This little foray onto the stage really got me in trouble with the staff!
Non-Union scab
onstage without


All images Copyright 2006 EBBoykin, Jr
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