Catalunya (Catalonia)

2 - 15 June, 2010

Official flag of Spain
Official Flag of
Spain's Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Official flag of Catalunya
Official Flag of
Catalunya (Catalonia)

In the year of my 50th birthday, Alissa & I went to Spain, along with our friends
Greg & Jenn, as well as our eldest daughter Brianna. Originally, my idea was
to go to the Alps and to climb a few historic routes established during the
Golden Age of Alpinism in Europe, which was during the 1920's and the 1930's.
My partner Greg, who hadn't had such good luck the last time he tried to climb
in Italy, talked me into going to Spain instead. Besides, slogging miles to climb
in fickle mountain weather just isn't his style.

Okay, Spain, fine. Never been there. Then he had the idea that we should bring
our wives as well. For a climbing trip, I just told him that was a bad idea. If we
brought our wives, it would become their trip, and climbing would be minimized.
When I mentioned Greg's crazy talk to Alissa, she told me she'd love to go.


The romantic city on La Costa Dorada
Serra de Cadi mountains in Cerdanya
Cadi, Cerdanya
This city was our home base
Unforgettable Montserrat, where we climbed.
Another coastal town, South of Barcelona

We left the United States on June First, arriving in Barcelona the following morning.
I had been able to spy the clouded Atlantic coast of Spanish Galicia from my cramped
mid-aisle seat, and a short time later, the majestic Pyrenees, which form the border
between France and Spain. Once we were on the ground, and motoring around the
area, it occurred to me that I am of the New World, and Spain is the Old World.

It's a fascinating place for a bubba from Wyoming!

All photographs Copyright 2011 EBBoykin, Jr
except where noted.

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