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Garraf, Catalunya

The accidental train ride

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Catalunya (Catalonia)
Sitges Coat of Arms
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We'd already had a full day of touring when Alissa & Brianna decided the three of us
should ride the train someplace, get a little supper. I figured it would be at the next
whistle stop, down near the beach ("platja"). The train rolled right past where
I thought we would get off. This made me a little apprehensive. I had a wild fear that
we were heading for Valencia, far down the coast! When the train stopped in Sitges,
I hurried out of my seat and dashed off the train, followed by the casually-sauntering
ladies. A few minutes after orienting myself, I realized that we hadn't gone too far,
we were still in County ("comarco") Garraf, adjacent to Castelldefels...

We walked out onto the beach after shopping in the narrow streets
Mediterranean Sea,
and beach at Sitges
13 June 2010
Built in the 1600's, its name is so long I couldn't fit it in the caption
Church steeple of
Sant Bartolomeu's
13 June 2010
Sitges is known as Spain's version San Tropez. Photo by Brianna
Beauty & The Beast
at a beach, Sitges
13 June 2010
The ocean was very calm today after so much rain
The shoreline has a
stone deck over cliffs
13 June 2010
Apparently this stuff grows in Spain as well!
Agave plant & stem
on the seashore
13 June 2010

As it turns out, Sitges is Spain's version of San Tropez. It's a big-deal tourist
destination. We had no idea. The streets are quite narrow, hemmed in by old
whitewashed buildings. The sidewalks were only big enough to stand out of the
way of oncoming vehicles. We emerged onto one of its seventeen sandy
beaches. To our south, the 17th-Century church of Sant Bartolomeu & Santa
Tecla hid behind a group of younger buildings, with only its steeple visible.
We wandered up onto a stone-and-concrete balcony, built upon rugged limestone
cliffs, and made our way toward a marina. Alissa & Brianna looked for beach glass.

Enjoying their day in Spain. As always.
Brianna & Alissa
above the sea, Sitges
13 June 2010
I just liked the way it looked.
This building (Church?)
caught ample sun
13 June 2010
I'm not the beach glass aficionado. That would be Alissa.
We found beach glass
on this infertile rock
13 June 2010
Modern Sitges. Traditional sports cars of the sea.
Mediterranean marina:
say it fast 5 times!
13 June 2010

Eventually, we had to think about getting back, before
the train stopped running for the night. We wandered back up toward the
depot, admiring once again the narrow streets, so different from home.

Back in Castelldefels, we enjoyed kebabs at a local eatery, where
the owner's child was practicing his rad tricycle skills!

This succulent grew on the rocks in places
Detail of a succulent.
ID this plant, win 1 Euro!
13 June 2010
Brianna & Alissa gathering sea-polished glass
Beach bag ladies
gathering glass
13 June 2010
Help. Save us. Mercy.
Relentless, pounding
surf at Sitges
13 June 2010
They can see the tide coming in. Their fate is sealed!
Sitges pedestrians
watch the angry sea
13 June 2010
Bona nit i adéu, Sitges
Sunset over Sitges,
Catalunya, Spain
13 June 2010

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