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Official flag of Catalunya
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Catalunya (Catalonia)
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When we went to Spain in 2010, our contact was Daniela Gurrieri. She owns
a number of properties in the region, and she graciously rented one of her nice
apartments to us for two weeks, in Castelldefels, twelve miles southwest of
Barcelona. We had never heard to Castelldefels until we set foot in Spain.
Over the course of our thirteen days there, we came to appreciate this
veritable suburb of Barcelona, and its unique charm. It's a perfect basecamp.

Very clean, very smart dwelling
The Apartment
& the neighborhood
June 2010
Down on the Mediterranean
The Beach:
Platja Castelldefels
June 2010
Ongoing restoration
The Castle
at Castelldefels
10 June 2010
Close to God
Garraf National Park,
overlooking the beach
9 June 2010
You hungry?
Tast: one of the
many restaurants
June 2010

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