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Serra de Cadi, in the Pyrenees

Cerdanya, Catalunya


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Cerdanya (Cerdagne)

We were heading for a day in Andorra. Unbeknownst to us, we were passing through
an historic area called Cerdanya, half-Catalonian, half-French. It was divided by treaty
in about 1659, and that treaty has been honored ever since. It has one of lowest-density
populations in all Europe. That would possibly explain why we drove past a nuclear
power plant, practically in the middle of no where, in the Cadi Mountains. I wish I had
the opportunity to take a picture of it, because it seemed so unique to me. No one
in Wyoming would have believed it, if I had mentioned such a thing... maybe...

This is a small range just south of the Pyrenees...
Cadi from just west
of the Barcelona area
13 June 2010
A long tunnel, for a toll of 11 Euro's at the time, crosses under the spine of the range.
Weather closing in
on the Cadi
13 June 2010
Everywhere you go in Europe, there are old castles & forts...
This part of the
toll cost 6 Euro's
13 June 2010
The weather tried to fool us numerous times...
Cerdanya has the most
sun of all Spain, they say...
13 June 2010

I had no idea how important & interesting this area was when we motored through it.
Only when I returned to the U.S. did I read of its history. I should have known better,
this being Europe, where the oldest civilizations on Earth were established. Besides
historical French & Spanish heritages, there also exists a significant Basque tradition.
We barely skimmed the surface, not even so much as a rock skimming a pond.
I might add, that pond is as deep as the great oceans surrounding Europe itself.

Everything we passed by seemed to beg to be climbed.
The Cadi range is
adjacent the Pyrenees
13 June 2010
Had we the time, we would climbed here...
Huge limestone buttresses
accentuate the heights
13 June 2010
In Colorado, this would contain a hundred routes...
A running cliff
beside the road
13 June 2010
We were headed West at the time...
Cadi Range from
Highway N-260
13 June 2010

I watched the Cadi's pass by from the back seat of the Ford Fiesta. Had we
had more time, I would have called for a halt to explore their possibilities.
We were on a tight schedule, headed for Andorra on a day trip. Prior to this,
I had no idea that such a place existed. Guess I hadn't done my homework!

Headed west on N-260, after the tunnel
El Pont de Bar,
Cerdanya, Catalunya
13 June 2010
This is very close to the Andorran frontier.
Near Calbinya, Spain:
Pyrenees ahead...
13 June 2010
Just keep on movin'...
The border of Andorra,
porous as a sponge
13 June 2010
The tunnel opened in 1987.
Under the Cadi's for
5 straight miles...
13 June 2010

Our drive took us on a grand loop through all of Cerdanya, both Spanish & French regions.
It included Andorra as well. The weather helped to make everything more memorable. The
heavy snows of 2010 were just melting, the rivers were running rampant this year everywhere.
It was a dramatic time on the Iberian Peninsula,
even if we could only experience a miniscule portion of it.

Ah. Espaņa.

All images Copyright 2011 EBBoykin, Jr

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