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Taylor Boykin's trip, 2012


Official flag of Assisi
One official flag
of Venice, Italy
Where in Italy is Venice?
What? You don't know
where Venice is?
Official Coat of Arms
Venice's ornate
Coat of Arms

Say you had a nice little place in the Po River valley, back in the 5th Century A.D.
You're minding your own business one day when some of the new neighbors drop
in and comment what a beautiful wife you have. Gosh, she says, they're so
forward. And their accent is so harsh.
Things start to disappear from your yard.
Your friend down the road suspects these Huns have sticky fingers. You think to
yourself, Well: there goes the neighborhood. When they help themselves
to your wine & grain, it's the last straw. You pack up and move your family South,
looking for a refuge, anyplace where these barbarians wouldn't be caught dead.
Out there, in that big muddy lagoon, you start over. Ohhh, yeah. You'll just go fishing.

Taylor studying distortional perspective?
Spectacles & pencil
the day before.
10 June 2012
Yep. It's a bidet awright.
Fine porcelain fixtures,
Veneto region
10 June 2012
The size of this room clearly impressed Taylor
Pretty big room
for Italy, he said.
10 June 2012
Photographed from the ferry...
Murano Island,
in Venice lagoon
11 June 2012
Another of Venice's cultural attractions
Craftsman at work,
?Murano, Venice
11 June 2012
Hello, Kitty
Vase & tools,
the glassworks
11 June 2012
She looks elegant & unhappy!
Yellow medusa in
chiffon gown?
11 June 2012
Equine masterpiece,
seahorse wings
11 June 2012
Clucks & a trunk
Venice's chickens,
smooth pachyderm
11 June 2012
On the Riva degli Schiavoni on San Marco
Victor Emmanuel II,
Venice (1887)
11 June 2012

Composed of 118 small islands which are linked by bridges and canals,
and overlaying a foundation of centuries-old wooden piles driven into the
muck, Venice is as famous as a city can be. Its very geographic isolation
is one of the many factors in its long and complicated history. The main
part of Venice is on the island of San Marco. Around 60,000 people live here.

Just one of Venice's famous bridges
Bridge of Sighs,
Rio de Palazzo
11 June 2012
Construction began in 1340
Palazzo Ducale,
St. Mark's Square
11 June 2012
St. Mark's Square, Venice
The winged lion, &
Marciana Library
11 June 2012
An offering to God after the terrible Plague devastated Venice.
Santa Maria della
Salute basilica (1631)
11 June 2012
AKA Palazzo Ducale
Another view of the
Doge's Palace
11 June 2012
The original foundation was laid in A.D. 912. It collapsed in 1902.
St. Mark's Campanile,
rebuilt in 1912
11 June 2012
This is only one small aspect of the cathedral
St Mark's Basilica
one small facet
11 June 2012
Il Torre dell'Orologio, at St Mark's Square.
The Clock Tower,
built about 1498
11 June 2012
This is on a separate island of the same name.
San Giorgio Maggiore
begun in 1566
11 June 2012
It's only a dead end if you're in a boat!
Uh-oh. Dead end!
Venice cul-de-sac
11 June 2012

Taylor's whirlwind tour of Venice left him little time to absorb the history
which passed before his eyes. Sometimes, the romance of a city can
overwhelm the cold, hard facts, be they Truth or Tradition.

I'd say it looks a bit Baroque!
Chiesa San Moisč,
Salizzada San Moisč
11 June 2012
Moisč = Moses
Detail of the above,
Chiesa San Moisč
11 June 2012
Okay, maybe it's more urban than I give it credit for!
Classic local canal,
backwater Venice
11 June 2012
Quite a story in the name!
La Fenice (Phoenix)
theater (1792)
11 June 2012
It rose from the ashes when the previous theater burned down in 1774
One of Venice's
premier venues!
11 June 2012
Another fine representation of the Holy Virgin
Mary flanked by
angelic hosts
11 June 2012
A little below the exalted Mary, her exalted son
More detail of the
previous work
11 June 2012
Because canal water tastes VERY nasty.
An old rainwater
cistern, Venice
11 June 2012
11 June 2012
Having the time of his life, again!
Clearly, Taylor is
living the moment!
11 June 2012

Taylor told us that the only disagreeable aroma emanated
from an open sewer access. Otherwise, he said, Venice is
pretty sweet. Like, cool, that is.

Keep it moving, or get out of the way!
Rush hour traffic,
Venice, Italy
11 June 2012
Oops. Cut a pole in half!
St Mark's Basilica,
in stitched photos
11 June 2012
At St Mark's Basilica
The Last Judgement,
Main entrance
11 June 2012
This clock needed many overhauls over 500 years.
Face of the Clock
Tower, restored 2006
11 June 2012
As the plaster quietly crumbles into the waters... time marches on
Another idyllic scene
in a Venice canal
11 June 2012
Hold on, angel!
St. Mark's & Venice's
flag on a gondola
11 June 2012
Wonder what they were saying?
Italian hand jive
in congested traffic
11 June 2012
Duck, Giovanni!
Coordinated sluicing
downtown Venice
11 June 2012
Summer breeze makes me feel fine...
Postmodern environment
management, Venice
11 June 2012
Looks a bit labor-intensive...
Upkeep at the
11 June 2012

After all the sights are perused, you get in a gondola, and you ride the tide.
To many people, that's the romance of Venice. Be there, Do that.

Bell tower ('campanile') peaks out from behind the old building
Another view at
St Mark's Square
11 June 2012
In Venice, that is.
In 2010, the first
lady gondolier launched
11 June 2012
Oh look. Red ones, and white ones...
Flower boxes add
to the intrigue
11 June 2012
Where are the workers? No, wait... it's Italy.
Another view from
inside the Square
11 June 2012
Designed by Antonio da Ponte, this structure replaced one of several wooden bridges previously spanning the site.
Rialto Bridge (1591)
spans the Grand Canal
11 June 2012
Bridges and canals.
Denizens of Venice,
out and about
11 June 2012
This opens up into the vastly larger Guidecca Canal
The Grand Canal,
Venice's Main Street
11 June 2012
Mrs Bailey is the blonde lady to her husband's left!
Mr & Mrs Bailey
with fellow travelers
11 June 2012
Rent's paid in Euro's now!
18th Century (or
older!) dwellings...
11 June 2012
Ah. The Appennines
Leaving Venice for
the next town
12 June 2012

All images © 2012 TRBoykin

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