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Taylor's Italy

2012 Tour with East High's Art Class


A little map of Italy
Italy Map
Official flag of Italy
il Tricolore
The Emblem of the Italian Republic
Italy's Emblem

This was Taylor's first trip across the Atlantic, and his first international
sojourn without us! I think we were more nervous about it than he was.
He went to several different regions there with his art class from East High.
Naturally, the focus of the trip was viewing art and architecture!

Rome & Vatican City
Gliding through Florence
You've GOT to see Pisa!

The island on the lagoon
Not just a barnyard paradise
You should see this!
Taylor's Journal

The only problem Taylor had on his trip was the bad choice we made
on his pre-loaded money card. Cash would have been the smarter thing!

All images 2012 TR Boykin

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