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Rome & Vatican City

Taylor Boykin's trip, 2012


Part I: ROMA

Official flag of Rome
Official Flag of
Rome, Italy
Where in Italy is Rome?
Where in the
world is Rome?
Official seal of Rome
Roman's historic
Coat of Arms

There are so many sources for information on Rome that I will only
mention a few gems. One reason it's called "Rome" and not "Reme"
is that Romulus killed his brother Remus. Guess that's what happens
when you're taught life lessons by a wolf, eh? Another popular legend
has a Trojan refugee name Aeneas (Go ahead, say it five times!) making his
way to the Eternal City and leaving his indelible mark, as per the ancient poet Virgil.
Good stories to be sure, but there is archaeological evidence that people have been
groveling in this area for 14,000 years. And now Taylor has been there!

From the Bridge of Angels
St. Peter's Basilica from
near the River Tiber
6 June 2012
This is at the north shore of the Tiber.
Castel St. Angelo, on
the River Tiber
6 June 2012
From the Bridge of Angels
The River Tiber from
the Bridge of Angels
6 June 2012
In the Piazza Navona
Fountain of the
Four Rivers (1651)
6 June 2012
Built on the site of Domitian's Stadium (1st Century AD)
One face on that
fountain, by Bernini
6 June 2012
Another view of the Fountain of Four Rivers
Fountain of 4 Rivers
Piazza Navona
6 June 2012
The modern artist at work
Graffiti goes legit.
Modern Rome
6 June 2012
South end of the Piazza Navona
Fountain of Moors,
(1653), P. Navona
6 June 2012
The original fountain, sans Moor, completed in 1575
A triton on the
Fountain of Moors
6 June 2012
Don't go there, the angel says
Traffic directions
in modern Rome
6 June 2012

Taylor's group spent a number of days touring the sights in Rome
and Vatican City. He didn't miss the opportunity to buy a rosary,
blessed by the Pope for one of our friends. My arrangement of his
many images may be a bit out of sync with his wanderings. We all
wish we could have wandered along with him.

Nothing puts a smile on your face like a cartoon skull
More traffic signage
in modern Rome
6 June 2012
The interior was completed by 1650
Sant Andrea della
Valle (1590) basilica
6 June 2012
I asked Taylor what they call this in Italy...
What's it called?
"Lunch," he said.
6 June 2012
This is inside the ancient Pantheon
Statue inside the
Pantheon (A.D. 118)
6 June 2012
Have a kneel.
The altar apse,
the Pantheon
6 June 2012
This is also in the Pantheon
Tomb of Raphael
(1483 - 1520)
6 June 2012
This was the only source of light within
The 9-meter-wide
oculus, Pantheon
6 June 2012
I know. It's the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.
Soldier holding the
Globus Cruciger
6 June 2012
These columns are made of granite.
Corinthian columns in
the portico, Pantheon
6 June 2012
Lazio is the region wherein lies Rome
Rural Lazio from
Taylor's hotel, Rome
6 June 2012
Taylor said that although the pool was a bit dirty, it looked good enough to photograph.
The hotel swimming
pool, Rome
6 June 2012
Somewhere in Rome, but one of 900 churches!
Christ the Redeemer
& the 12 Apostles
6 June 2012
Still older than most buildings in Wyoming!
Palace of Justice
(1888), Rome
6 June 2012
Not exactly what Taylor was interested in, but most everyone else seemed to prefer it to other mysterious delights.
Pizza Margherita:
a supper staple
6 June 2012
Loosely translated by some American...
Fairest art Thou, my
Love, and unspoilt.

6 June 2012

St Peter tells the story of Christ to little people?
Madonna of the Girdle
(1686), the Pantheon
6 June 2012
There's a smilin' face!
At Trevi Fountain
as dusk approaches
6 June 2012
The fountain dates from 1730
Closer-up of Trevi
in the gloaming
6 June 2012

Part II: Vatican City & Ancient Rome

All images 2012 TRBoykin

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