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Taylor Boykin's trip, 2012


Official flag of Pisa
Official Flag of
Pisa, Italy
Where in Italy is Pisa?
Where in the
world is Pisa?
Official seal of Pisa
Official seal of
Pisa, Italy

Everyone has heard of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Even me.
Naturally, Taylor took pictures of it. There is much more to this
ancient Tuscany town than a faulty tower. Here is a selection
of his photographs for your perusal. The dates given under
the pictures are the beginning dates of construction.

The foundation was laid in 1173
The Leaning Tower:
il Torre Pendente
9 June 2012
'The Field of Miracles'
Duomo of Pisa (1064),
Campo dei Miracoli
9 June 2012
If you can see this, you are NOT on a Mac!
Leaning bell tower
compliments the church
9 June 2012
Built on the Holy Soil of Golgotha, brought back from the 4th Crusade
Campo Santo,
Pisa, Italy
9 June 2012
It's always about a church, in Europe.
Duomo (Cathedral) at
Campo dei Miracoli
9 June 2012
Mmm. Bacon.
One of the statues
at Campo Santo, Pisa
9 June 2012
Okay. Lean to the North...
Tourists on the famous
bell tower, Pisa
9 June 2012
Construction was finished in 1252
Baptistry of St. John,
(1152) Pisa, Italy
9 June 2012
You have to look far & wide for this picture... Duomo of Pisa
Baptistry Dome
of Pisa
9 June 2012
It says 'Mae Minor 995'
Latin lettering
in Pisa, Italy
9 June 2012

Besides the namesake edifice, there are so many buildings
here, some constructed nearly a thousand years ago.
And time marches on. Quite different from Cheyenne,
Wyoming, where our buildings are less than 150 years old!

Middle Ages runes?
Runes of the Middle
ages, Pisa
9 June 2012
Construction began in 1153
Madonna with child,
Pisa Baptistery
9 June 2012
It took over a hundred years to build this.
The dome, circa 1363
Pisa Baptistery
9 June 2012
I'm not certain what this is, but I made an accurate guess.
Goldleaf portal,
Pisa Baptistery
9 June 2012
Carved by Nicola Pisano
The pulpit (c. 1260)
Pisa Baptistery
9 June 2012
Of mixed restorations...
Fortification at Pisa's
Piazza del Duomo
9 June 2012
Almost a thousand years old...
Another view of
Campo Santo, Pisa
9 June 2012
Entrance to the
Pisa Duomo
9 June 2012
I'm just guessing at the Italian translation...
The ornate ceiling,
Duomo di Pisa
9 June 2012
Imagine singing songs written by Buryl Red here...
The pulpit of
Pisa's Duomo
9 June 2012

Mmm. Meat-stuffed pasta!
Taylor's favorite:
Tortellini. Pisa
9 June 2012
Something to believe in.
The Holy virgin
and the Christ
9 June 2012
Duomo of Florence
Return from Pisa:
Florence at dusk
9 June 2012

All images 2012 TRBoykin

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