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Flag of the Tuscany region
Official Flag of
Tuscany, Italy
Where in Italy is Florence?
Where in the
world is Florence?
Official seal of Florence
Official seal of
Florence, Italy

Taylor tells me he prefers the Italian pronunciation for Florence,
which is Firenze. Florence is the capital of Italy's Tuscany
region. I've read that this is where the Renaissance began. Anyone
who's read Machiavelli's The Prince has heard of the powerful
Medici family, and of Florence. There are famous bones in Florence,
along with some of the things Taylor saw during his short time there.
The name "Florence" means "blooming flower." I asked him if
he'd ever consider going back there again.

"Oooh, yeahhh..." he says.

Building dates from the late 11th Century
Galileo Museum,
Palazzo Castellani
8 June 2012
Uhm. It's a replica. The 1504 original is at the Galleria dell' Accademia, since 1873.
Michelangelo's David,
Piazza della Signoria
8 June 2012
Bronze statue. The real thing.
Perseus, by Cellini (1554)
at the Loggia dei Lanzi
8 June 2012
The Rape of the Sabine Women (1583)
Giambologna's statue,
at the Loggia dei Lanzi
8 June 2012
Another of Giambologna's marble statues
Hercules beating the
Centaur Nessus (1599)
8 June 2012
This despot (1519-1574) was the Duke of Florence
Cosimo I de Medici,
cast in bronze (1598)
8 June 2012
This is one of the water nymphs surrounding Neptune, who stand in the middle of the fountain.
Fontana di Nettuno,
carved in 1575
8 June 2012
The word is that Dante Alighiere (1265-1321) was born here.
Bust of Dante at his
13th-century birthplace
8 June 2012
The museum was opened to the public in 1994
House museum of
Dante Alighiere
8 June 2012
Don't go this way!
Postmodern works
of Florence
8 June 2012

The Duomo lies, as they say, at the heart of the city. Properly named
Santa Maria del Fiore, its dome was completed in 1463. Just across
the Piazza di San Giovanni is the Baptistry, the oldest building
in Florence, possibly dating from the Fourth Century. This was Dante's
neighborhood. Heck, everyone lived here back then!

276 feet high, it was designed in 1334 by Giotto di Bondone
The Campanile (1359)
of the Duomo
8 June 2012
This is the 4th largest cathedral in Europe.
The Duomo is 296 ft
high at the dome.
8 June 2012
Michelangelo referred to Ghiberti's bas reliefs as 'the Gate of Paradise.'
The bronze East doors
of the Baptistry (1452)
8 June 2012
Some of the relief on the main church building wasn't added until the 1870's
Baptism of Christ,
at the Duomo
8 June 2012
Walking into this place would definitely take me out of my everyday life!
The main entrance
to the Duomo
8 June 2012
Looks like an adoration to me...
One of many frescoes
adorning the Duomo
8 June 2012
Holy Father in relief.
"Which Pope?" I asked.
"A cool one," he said.
8 June 2012
Construction began in 1299. The clock in the tower may date from 1667
The Torre d'Arnolfo,
Palazzo Vecchio
8 June 2012
This old bridge was another contribution of the Medici dynasty
Ponte Vecchio (c.1350)
and the river Arno
8 June 2012
This, the largest Franciscan church in the world, was consecrated in 1442
Basilica di Santa
Croce (begun in 1294)
8 June 2012

The Basilica di Santa Croce ("Holy Cross") is a famous Florentine landmark,
wherein can be found tombs and monuments of notable persons. Construction
began in 1294, and Santa Croce was consecrated in 1442. The campanile
(bell tower) was rebuilt in 1842, after the original was destroyed by lightning
in 1512. This is the largest Franciscan church in the world.

Completed in 1787
Machiavelli's cenotaph
by Innocenzo Spinazzi
8 June 2012
There's quite story here. Dante was a patriot.
Dante's cenotaph; he's
buried in Ravenna
8 June 2012
The artist lived from 1475 to 1564
Michelangelo's tomb
in the Basilica
8 June 2012
I think this person may have been of Florentine royalty?
Mr. Josephi's tomb,
"alpha & omega"
8 June 2012
Leonardo is buried in Amboise, France
Demure monument to
Leonardo DaVinci
8 June 2012
Taylor marveled at this funerary
Man in repose,
which Taylor admired
8 June 2012
This chapel took about two decades to construct.
Pazzi Chapel (1443),
at Santa Croce
8 June 2012
Taylor says this artist was working quickly.
Medusa in chalk,
until it rains...
8 June 2012
Taylor took this photo while he was watching an outdoor boxing match.
The majestic Duomo
overlooks Florence
8 June 2012
It's a replica. Probably older than anyone living though!
David, Florentine
lawn jockey replica
9 June 2012

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