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Official flag of Assisi
Official Flag of
Assisi, Italy
Where in Italy is Pisa?
Where in the
world is Assisi?
Official seal of Assisi
Official seal of
Pisa, Italy

Assisi is but one town in the region of Umbria. It's a mountain
province, on the Western slope of the Appennino Umbro-Marchigiano.
Settled in the 8th Century B.C. by the Umbrians, then colonized by the Etruscans,
then by the Romans. And finally, someone moved in who can cook: the Italians.
Who hasn't heard of Saint Francis of Assisi? Born in 1181,
died in 1226, and bore the Stigmata (marks of the Crucifixion).

St Francis is buried here.
Basilica di San
Francesco, Assisi
13 June 2012

A tower beside the
Temple of Minerva
13 June 2012

The Castle Fort
of Assisi
13 June 2012

St Francis returns
from a local war
13 June 2012

Umbria, an
Italian paradise
13 June 2012
Known as the Lower Church...
Rosetta & facade,
lower Basilica
13 June 2012
The cross on the top of the Lower Church
The 13th-century
upper church,
13 June 2012
Regrettably,Time wounds all frescoes
Crumbling fresco,
Assisi chapel
13 June 2012

Medieval street,
Umbria, Italy
13 June 2012

Temple of Minerva,
built by Romans
13 June 2012

Taylor's diary shows a reference to Saint Francis,
amongst many other things. When Taylor told me
that the equine statue of Saint Francis commemorated
his return from a war, it prompted me to look further
into the very interesting history of this priest.

Equine statue,
in Assisi
13 June 2012

Obviously, Taylor
likes this work!
13 June 2012

Putative birthplace
of Saint Francis
13 June 2012

The campanile of
the Basilica (1239)
13 June 2012

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