Taylor's Journal

Italy 2012

See the cover bigger!  2012 TRBoykin

Taylor's tour of Italy as depicted
in wordless pencil scribbles!

Cheyenne to Rome!
Cheyenne to Rome:
the long day
5 June 2012

First day in Italy
Day One:
the first look
6 June 2012

The Arts are nice. So is Gelato.
Day Two:
around Rome
7 June 2012

Taylor prefers the Italian pronunciation, 'Firenze'
Day Three:
to Florence
8 June 2012

That's not to say 'pizza'
Day Four:
Pisa & Florence
9 June 2012

As much of a wonder as the Old World is,
it's always great to get back home...

No rest for the nerdist!
Day Five:
Florence to Venice
10 June 2012

Across the Lagoon
Day Six:
Venice. At last.
11 June 2012

Off to Umbria from the coast.
Day Seven:
Venice to Assisi
12 June 2012

The road goes ever on...
Day Eight:
Assisi to Rome
13 June 2012

...and Hello, Wyoming!
Day Nine:
Arrivederci, Roma
14 June 2012

Illustrations 2012 T. R. Boykin