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Turkey Point Provincial Park

Turkey Point, Ontario


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I have this funny way of thinking that if I follow the curve of the Earth, I will
travel the shortest distance between two points. Thus, I thought it would be a
good idea to travel to Maine from Wyoming through Southern Ontario when we
took the kids to Bar Harbor in the Summer of 2002. Alissa didn't mind, having not
seen the northern shore of Lake Erie prior to our trip, so off we went. I chose this
provincial park quite at random. Close to Niagara Falls, far from Detroit, and, for us, unseen.

Traveling out of Detroit into Windsor seemed natural in person, even though on the map,
we were heading South into Canada! We headed for Lake Erie, and were soon lost.
I had no idea where we were. At one point, I saw a work gang of blacks in a well-tilled farm field,
walking in parallel, hoes scraping away at each loamy row. I stood outside the minivan where I
could hear their conversations. Instead of hearing the black ghetto-speak that I am used to in the U.S.,
I heard nasal Canadian accents in the distance, men talking about their daily lives in a fashion which more
resembled my own American ethnic group, and I was stunned. I didn't ask them for directions,
so typical of a man, I guess. Figured we'd just continue along the lake shore, getting there eventually.

When we reached a larger town, I was again surprised. Stopping to buy a food at a Mexican mercado,
I asked the store owner in Spanish how much the produce cost. He replied, in nasal Canadian English:

"I can't understand a word you're sayin', there, eh?"

"Oh," I stammered. "How much for these tomatoes?"

"Oh! Them tomatoes? Why, they're two dollars."

"I only have U.S. money," I replied.

"Oh. You're from the States. Okay, them tomatoes... why, they're two dollars."

Where it is...
"Loyal She Began,
Loyal She Remains"
Coat of Arms
Official flag of Ontario
Provincial flag of
Roadmap excerpt of our journey
Lost after Windsor!
Tiny Red Line
to Turkey Point

Although hopelessly lost, we eventually found the park!
We picked out a site at Turkey Point, and set up camp. The essential
rain tarp went up over the table, and the tents were duly erected: the boys
with the boys, the girls with the girls, and parents with each other. Sanity.

Without wind, tar paper works great!
Tar paper siding
on farm barns
8 July 2002
We tried some fishin' here...
North shore jetty,
Lake Erie, Ontario
9 July 2002
Don't eat 'em, boy.
Eli showing the
fish bait, Lake Erie
9 July 2002
Misty weather at the lake shore camp site
Brianna, Taylor &
Eli at our campsite
9 July 2002
Yeah. Put sand all down my clothes! Love it!
Round One, Boys
under the sand...
9 July 2002

Page from the journal:

"9 July 2002. Rain. Rain drizzle, rain downpour. All depends on where you're standing...

"A low cloud cover gives Lake Erie the look of... a motion picture, shot through Vaseline...
The boys assail an old bass angler whose bait tactics attract almost everything but bass.
He is kind & curt, giving [the boys] a sheepfish. I chop out its eyes & slime one each onto
the boys' hooks. I caught a 4-inch bass, and released him...

"Later, I am fed up... big rain, anyhow... the girls... are admiring Canadian boys playing football
on the beach... I am content to throw Frisbee with Jenna until the rains come... we return to camp
and set about conjuring fire from wet wood... we cook hobo dinners... the girls are often at the flush
toilets, near the Canadian boys' camp... the night is cool. What a pleasant change..."

Shot through Vaseline...
Canadian shore of
Lake Erie
9 July 2002
The weather closes in...
Brianna, Kara &
Jenna. Lake Erie
9 July 2002
The boys get a bath...
Jenna, Taylor, Eli
& Alissa. Lake Erie
9 July 2002
A little to the left. No, right. Whatever.
Eli getting a spa
treatment, Lake Erie
9 July 2002
Superboys back at the campfire...
Eli & Taylor
tending the fire
9 July 2002

On the 10th, we drove to Saint Catharines, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.
We had a great time on the Maid of the Mist, a big boat that motors near the huge
relatively debris-free Canadian falls. We wore blue plastic slickers, while the folks
hiking under the American falls wore bright yellow slickers. I had never spent so much
money on stuff like this before I met Alissa. I would have been one of those drenched
hardcore hikers we watched from the boat, under the torrent across the border. Even
though I was having a good time here in Canada, I identified with those poor bastages.

After getting a proper soaking, we had a bit of lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.
Guitars of the Stars! I took pictures of Johnny Winter's red Firebird & Kieth Richards'
blonde Telecaster. Whatever we ate was fine, but, Jeez, I wanted to play those guitars...

The next day, we broke camp & headed for New Hampshire, on our way to Maine...

Our camera kind of SUCKED back then...
The fire & Taylor,
supper time
9 July 2002
Loading up the foil...
Making up their
Hobo dinners
9 July 2002
Waiting for her turn at Hobo Central...
Jenna waiting her
turn for supper
9 July 2002
Oh, Chocolate!
The boys get the
big Kiss!
10 July 2002
On the Canadian side...
The sisters & Mom
at Niagara Falls
10 July 2002
at Niagara Falls
10 July 2002
Gonna get wet, folks!
Maid of the Mist
in the midst...
10 July 2002
Believe it or not, This is Happiness!
Alissa rockin' it at
the Hard Rock Cafe
10 July 2002
Still Alive & Well
Johnny's Guitar,
Hard Rock Cafe
10 July 2002
Rolling Stones guitarist...
Kieth Richards'
Fender Telecaster
10 July 2002
All of us in Saint Catharine's, Ontario
Supper at the
Hard Rock Cafe
10 July 2002
A bit out of sequence maybe, but note the sunshine!
Sunny time at
Turkey Point
10 July 2002

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