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Alissa & I ventured into Canada's maritime province of New Brunswick
while we were visiting Maine in October, 2000. On the Third of October,
we slipped across the border into St. Stephens, where we dined on lobster
and steak at the St. Stephens Inn. The food reminded us alot of what one might
find at a stateside convenience store (perhaps it's improved by now).

Luckily, we discovered the Celtic Cross Pub and Eatery. There we met
Tim the Bartender/magician, with his red trousers, his pierced face and his generous
pour spouts. It wasn't long before we were groovin' to the music of a band called
Windjammer. We closed the bar down, then we slipped not-so-discreetly
back across the border into Eastport, Maine...

On the Fifth, we took a great leap and drove all the way to the largest city in the province,
Saint John. It was a true adventure for both of us: the autumn colors all along the highway,
the headiness of going somewhere we'd never been before... and listening to that great
Canadian radio programming (Pierre Trudeau's funeral and escaped farm salmon dominated
the broadcast day).

Where it is...
The 'Maritimes' are
northeast of
New England.
Official flag of New Brunswick, today, anyhow!
Provincial flag of
New Brunswick
Roadmap excerpt of our journey
Take Highway One
and don't stop
'til you get there!

We stopped at Reversing Falls, where the Saint John River, 450 miles long, can
be observed flowing upstream as the tide rises in the Bay of Fundy.
The tides of this bay rise and fall fifty feet, the highest in the world! At Saint John,
the average high tide is twenty-eight feet.

I had a great time listening to the Canadians speak.
I asked a couple what they thought
of their about-to-be-created Nunavut province.

"What?! Where are you talking aboot?!" They sounded surprised.

"Up in the Northwest Territories," I answered.

"Ohhh, that! Oh, they can have that!"

Coolest house in St. Stephens
Old home in
St. Stephens
3 Oct 2000
Watch yer speed. You must be from the States!
Highway One in Canada,
5 October 2000
Gosh, we only have 6 trees in the whole state of Wyoming that change colors like THESE!
Autumn in New Brunswick,
5 October 2000

The architecture impressed us enough that I was taking pictures of buildings, for
goodness sake! Most of these buildings in downtown Saint John were older than
our home state of Wyoming.

We found a great place for lunch, Billy's Seafood Company,
where a gal can sip a nice warm B-52
with her shrimp cocktail, and a fella can slug a stout with his
fish-and-chips. Billy Grant, the fishmonger himself, was there to pose for us!

At Market Street, there is a well-kept area called the Old Loyalist Burial Ground.
There's a famous beaver fountain to be found, and numerous interesting historical
facts about this place can be found here.
Even in the autumn, this is a beautiful place.

Even this far north, vines grow on brick!
Interesting housing
of Saint John
5 October 2000
The famous Billy Grant, striking his famous pose
Billy Grant, the
Saint John fishmonger
5 October 2000
The beaver fountain, symbol of hard work & innovation
Beaver Fountain,
Loyalist Burial Ground
5 October 2000
'At the Loyalist Burial Ground, a gift to Saint John of the Irving family
Self portrait at the
Loyalist Burial Ground
5 October 2000

With the afternoon fleeting, we squeezed in one more attraction: The New Brunswick Museum.
We rushed though it, trying to take in as much as we could. We concentrated most of our remaining time
on the Hall of Great Whales. At closing time, we climbed into our rented Elentra station wagon and
headed back to the United States, to spend one more night in the old Todd House at Eastport...

We hope to get back to Saint John some day. We barely touched its rich outer shell...

Ride 'im... or 'er... or it, cowboy!
Got arachnophobia?
You betcha!
5 October 2000
We saw groupers in the Bahamas five years later that were bigger than this!
A lorry of
the sea: the sunfish
5 October 2000
Hope they don't get this big in Texas!!
Me & the Tom
the sea tortoise
5 October 2000
Musta been a horny whale...
Whale meat again!?
5 October 2000

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