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A few hours in Sant Julia de Loria


Andorran Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Official flag of Andorra
Flag of Andorra
We drove from Spain into France by way of Andorra...
Basic map

Tribute to an absent beloved: Brianna's Pizza
Pyrenees Lunch
Sant Julia de Loria
13 June 2010
Andorran Alps
These peaks enclose
Sant Julia de Loria
13 June 2010
Wishing I had more time to check this all out...
Ben in Andorra
on the streets
13 June 2010
Chubs on the streets of Andorra
This is around
lunch time
13 June 2010
Looking for old men playing bocce ball...
Alissa wants to
see the old men...
13 June 2010

On a visit to Catalunyan Spain, we drove to Andorra. I had to see one of the smallest
countries in Europe, an invention of King Charlamagne. Apparently it was a
buffer zone between Catalunya & France. This I can't be certain of, because
I didn't get a chance to chit-chat with any of the locals. All I saw this time
were a few points of interest. I didn't get to visit with the actual residents.

Still, I can say I was there, if only for a brief time...

Average elevation: 6550 ft
Average vertical rise
is about 3000 feet
13 June 2010
181 Square miles in this country of about 80,000 people
About 80,000 people
live in Andorra
13 June 2010
France's King Charlamagne established Andorra...
Established in about
1278 A.D.
13 June 2010
Spain has a nuclear power plant just south of Andorra
Andorra is landlocked
'tween Spain & France
13 June 2010
Right-to-left, beauties & the beast... (sorry, Greg!)
Exploring Sant Julia
on an off-day
13 June 2010
Prevent erosion: artify the stream!
Andorran answer
to erosion...
13 June 2010
My kinda yard
Urban Landscape:
Sant Julia de Loria
13 June 2010
Via Ferratas abound up there...
Andorra Pyrenees,
from the road
13 June 2010
High Dollar Real Estate!
Try buying this
land these days...
13 June 2010
21st Century Andorra
Modern Andorra:
Love for sale...
13 June 2010

We jumped out of the car and I immediatedly found a tourism office.
The young lady inside was about to go on a break, but I was lucky
enough to aquire an artful map of this tiny country. We framed it when we got home.

Roses on the Passatge del Valira
Passatge del
Valira roses 1
13 June 2010
Roses on the Passatge del Valira
Passatge del
Valira roses 2
13 June 2010
Funny how so many streams & rivers in Europe get walled in...
Joining the Gran
Valira downstream
13 June 2010
Hospital's dead ahead!
Hospital building,
Sant Julia de Loria
13 June 2010

We didn't get to see much, but Andorra is a very small country. We were
only in one tiny town. We had lunch there, and the chef told us what we
could have for the meal (despite what the menu offered). Alissa said the
rose bushes were charming. She had wanted to find some old men
playing bocce or chess... but alas, this was not to be...

Pretty nice flophouse...
Hotel Pol, Sant
Julia de Loria
13 June 2010
Walking on the moon?
Brianna & Alissa,
on a small street
13 June 2010
He wants a Harley t-shirt!
Jen & Greg
looking for hawgs,
13 June 2010
Buy me!
Last glance at
Sant Julia de Loria
13 June 2010

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