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Washington State

Several times now, we have visited Alissa's best friend Betsy in
East Wenatchee, Washington. The first time I'd ever been there myself
was back in 1994, and I was able to break away for a few days of climbing
while the ladies did whatever they do together. And there are a few anecdotes
in that sojourn, to be certain!

Alissa was about 6 months pregnant with Eli
Betsy's land in the
Wenatchee Mountains
11 May 1994
This was a Christmas card from the newlywed couple
Betsy & Mark,
in East Wenatchee
December 1999
A little trip on the water for 4-year-old Taylor
Taylor on Mark's boat,
Lake Chelan
8 June 2000
Betsy was giving away free pony rides
Eli trying out Betsy's
horse at their house
9 July 2004
The Dunkin' brothers?
Taylor & Eli
cooling off
9 July 2004

We revisited in 2000, with all five kids packed into a Mazda MPV,
one of the most compact minivans in automotive history. We were on our way
to the westernmost tip of the United States. Betsy was now married to Mark, and
they had a beautiful place just outside of town, overlooking the mighty Columbia River.
I was able to rock climb in Frenchman Coulee, and also to attempt Mount Adams at this time.

This boy got treed!
Taylor climbed a tree
down by the river
9 July 2004
It's genetic
Undeniably part-monkey:
Eli by the river
9 July 2004
This is from across the Columbia River
View of Wenatchee
from Mark's and Betsy's
9 July 2004
Lush botanical environment, giggly boys
Eli & Taylor in
the Schweitzer's yard
9 July 2004
This was an outing to Icicle Creek
Catelin & Betsy
at Icicle Creek
10 July 2004

During a combined family vacation and climbing trip in 2004, Alissa spent a
weekend visiting Mark & Betsy with our two boys. It was a lightning-fast trip!
While Alissa was in East Wenatchee, My friend Steve and I climbed Oregon's
Mount Hood, and Washington's Mount Adams.

Everybody gather 'round
Eli & Taylor with
Catelin & Betsy
10 July 2004
Bestest friends
Betsy & Alissa
at Icicle Creek
10 July 2004
One way to get the kids clean!
Jesse, Taylor, Catelin
& Eli at Icicle Creek
10 July 2004
Nobody rides for free, Sam!
Mark, Catelyn, Jesse,
Sam Fish, Eli & Taylor
11 July 2004
Lake Chelan Tube Transport
Cap'n Mark in his
supercharged cruiser
11 July 2004

We revisited Betsy & Mark and their girls again in 2007, but this time
only our two boys were along for our Olympic Peninsula adventure. Our
first night at East Wenatchee was a ribald night of endless wine-tasting
for Alissa & Betsy, for which I was the designated sommelier, or
more accurately, the liquor store "go-fer." The next morning, however,
I became the somewhat unappreciated reason for the hang-overs!

It's Speed-tubing Time!
Go jump in a lake!
Eli in Chelan
11 July 2004
You can really see the U-shaped valley here.
Eli on Lake Chelan.
Beautiful view!
11 July 2004
Hang on, Bub!
Gonna raise... uh...
a boat wake, that's what!
11 July 2004
Ride, Catelin, ride!
Betsy & Catelin
on Lake Chelan
11 July 2004
They told me it was all my fault...
More Coffee! The morning
after the night before
12 August 2007

That day, Mark took everyone boating on the Columbia River, while I shopped
for camping supplies and victuals in Wenatchee. It was a welcome break from
the monotony of our long periods of driving for Alissa & the boys!

Mom & her girls
Catelin, Betsy & Jesse
boating the Columbia
12 August 2007
He loves riding the river.
A contented Eli
on the Columbia
12 August 2007
He loves the sandflea treatment.
Eli under cover by
Taylor, Jesse & Catelin
12 August 2007
Kids, sand & water: things that fit together.
Getting the sand off,
Columbia River
12 August 2007

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