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"Cicely, Alaska"

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My wife's most favorite TV show ever is Northern Exposure.
I never saw it until I married her. In fact, I hardly watched television at all
until Alissa & I were wed. She has DVD's of every season of the show.
When we visited Washington in 2007, we made a side-trip to Roslyn, Washington,
otherwise known as "Cicely, Alaska." This is where Northern Exposure was filmed.

Photo by Eli Boykin
Alissa & Ben
"The Brick"
21 August 2007
Is the Doctor in?...
Taylor at the
Doctor's office
21 August 2007
She's on the set!
Alissa joins Taylor at
Dr. Fleischman's office
21 August 2007
We went inside for lunch
Alissa & the boys
posing at the cafe
21 August 2007
Here's the Brick.
This confused me...
21 August 2007

I am a bit confused because while Roslyn has a biggish cafe/bar, the Brick is up the street
and a completely different establishment. Anyway, nevermind. The side trip was completely worth
watching Alissa's face as she sat at Holling's bar with Roslyn locals, a fantastic gleam in her eye.
Guys, if ever you can make your wife this happy just by driving to a little town in Washington State,
take my word: JUST DO IT!! I think it made Alissa's LIFE. She was enraptured all the drive home.

We sat in the family dining area, not the bar
Taylor & Alissa in
The Brick. Supper!
21 August 2007
She's imagining being served by Holling...
Alissa glassy-eyed
at the famous Brick
21 August 2007
Home of Chris Stevens' radio show...
Maurice's radio station
KBHR, "Cicely, Alaska"
21 August 2007
I think this was where they held all the town hall meetings.
At the Town Hall?
I'll confirm later.
21 August 2007
Looks like the TV show, doesn't it?
Walking the streets
of Roslyn, er, Cicely
21 August 2007

If you've ever seen the TV show Northern Exposure, you would appreciate
being able to walk through the set. If you haven't... well, I was once like you.

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