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The site north of U.S. Route 90 (according to some) was an encampment nicknamed Lick Skillet in 1823
by Humphrey Jackson, one of the 300 original colonists to settle Texas. The name "Lick Skillet" came from
the phrase, "The East Texas oxen team drivers sipped the spring sweet water and licked their skillets clean."
--- Excerpted from Crosby, Texas, Wikipedia.Org

My folks moved to Crosby when I nineteen years old. I'd never heard of the place before.
Coming from essentially rural Lyndon, Kentucky, Crosby felt like a real backwater. In fact,
I got lost when I was looking for the town, in Humble, Texas. I was domiciled in my paternal
grandparents' house, in the city of Pasadena, and journeyed North to discover Crosby. What
I found was a railroad track, a five-block thoroughfare, and a town replete with Czech names on
most of the business placards.We were moving into a development named Newport, in the piney
woods East of Lake Houston. My folks bought a house in Section Ten, populated by alot of military
families, mostly white folks. Turns out there was another story to that as well, including Barrett Station.

My Early Days of Settlement... 1979 - 1988

Home for Christmas Break
The loft in the
folks' house
23 December 1979
Moose's mom & dad
Gigi & Granddad
visiting Crosby
23 December 1979
These boomerangers!
The loft staircase,
a favorite hang-out
23 December 1979
Family photo at Newport Country Club
Newport Country
Club portrait
October 1981
Note the election signs...
The Lawn Boy,
with lotsa hair
circa 1987

My dad was 46 years old when we moved to Crosby. Besides my thinking that he was old
when we relocated there, I saw him as an erudite, bachelors-prepared gentleman who suddenly
transformed into a colloquial, drawling Texan. I had never seen anything like this from him before,
and I remember being a little taken aback by his transformation. What is he doing?
I thought to myself. Where is that overtly articulate man who is my father!? (Mom transformed too!)
Turned out that this country-boy version of my dad taught me about being a true human being:
adapting to your surroundings without regard to social status, without regard to what you may
think you are. Took me quite a few years to learn about that. He is a wise man.

We'd been moving around from place-to-place all of our lives, all over the country. It's funny how
my folks really settled down for good in little old Crosby. They dove in head-first, and integrated
themselves with great ernest in their church and community. Dad served on the Crosby Independent
School District board for about twenty years, and that's another story. A big story...

Family Vacations

This was our first big trip to Texas
April 1995
Parades, side trips & 5ive munchkins
Sept/Oct 1996
Thanksgiving in Texas
November 1997
Springtime in the Lone Star State
March 1999

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