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Huntsville, 1999


On our way back to Wyoming, we stopped at the Sam Houston statue
near Huntsville to play in the flowers and to see the big sculpture. I was
shooting pictures with my new Minolta digital camera, which as I recall
(possibly incorrectly) was a 2 megapixel unit, if that. Years later, I have
tried to de-pixelate the photos. Here's a brief account of our potty stop.

Photo by Ernest Mettendorf, via Wikipedia
Ernest Mettendorf's
photo of the statue
15 August 2011
Sitting in the flowers
All our children
in the bluebonnets
29 March 1999
I THINK they're paintbrush!
View of many an
Indian Paintbrush
29 March 1999
Daddy, can we get up now??
Taylor loved that
fancy leather vest
29 March 1999

The statue of Sam Houston is a park unto itself,
purportedly the tallest of its kind in the world. And so,
it really is true that everything is big in Texas.

Repaired, exciting photo of Sam Houston's foot and the ladies
Big with the ladies,
Sam towers above
29 March 1999
Look, when you scuff it, your foot looks red!
Scuffing clay behind
the Pine Curtain
29 March 1999
That's right. Back in the van, Y'all.
Leave? What, NOW?
We just got here
29 March 1999

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