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Fredericksburg is a little German town of about 10,000 people.
Founded in 1846, in Gillespie County, it's one of the most charming
places in the whole state of Texas. It's smack dab in the middle of
the Hill Country, surrounded by that region's peculiar beauty. San
Antonio is just far enough away to keep the place quiet.

Breakfast served in the morning, beer served at night!
The girls awaiting their
breakfast in a biergarten
7 April 1995
Funny thing is, he prefers Pinesol
"Where's the Drano!?"
Taylor the Plumber
7 October 1996
Joy rider
You forgot something.
My van, Dad. My van.
7 October 1996
A day with Papa, my dad
Hiking at nearby
Enchanted Rock
8 October 1996

Moose & Papa rented a nice old Sunday house for a weekend
while we were visiting them, Das Plum Hause, in Fredericksburg.
It was a neat old place, with a warm sense of history. It was even more
cozy when we all moved in to it! The next morning, my dad & I went for
a hike to the summit of Enchanted Rock, his first time on top!

Wanna go to the summit today, Papa?
Proper dress for a
boogie to the top
8 October 1996
Back from climbing with another Aggie...
Time to get back
to the Plum House
8 October 1996
Here's some Hill Country chic for ya!
I'm going straight
up to the top (Whoa!)

8 October 1996
Come in this house, she says
Moose is in love
with the little kitchen
8 October 1996

I was able to get a belay from a friendly group of Aggies to lead a fine route
at the crag. Afterwards, Dad & I returned to Fredericksburg for a game of
Extreme Croquet with the kids. I think the girls won! Alissa and I went into
town for some groceries and beer (Moose was cooking bratwurst). We
returned with a 2-liter growler of locally-brewed wheat ale, good enough
for cooking brats, even better for drinking. Somehow it got poured down
the sink after the brats were cooked. Oh, Scheiße! Mein Bier!

I'm busy, I said!
Kara on the old
gazebo with Dolly
8 October 1996
Think he'll fit through the wickets?
Extreme croquet
8 October 1996
Let me show you, Papa...
Kara showing Papa
how it's done
8 October 1996
Who wears short shorts?
Looks like a
three-way tie.
8 October 1996

Back in the 1800's, ranchers and farmers who lived far from town
built Sunday houses, where they could stay for the weekends when
they traveled in for supplies and for church. Many of these houses are
now rentals, nicely furnished. You get a 'fridge full of "fixin's" too!

Taylor loves that sink!
Finish dishwashing.
Follow with baby.
8 October 1996
Thank goodness for dual sinks!
We only had one
bathroom, soooo...
8 October 1996
Taylor never had a post-bath cuddle time!
The Jumping Bean
& Burrito Boy
8 October 1996
Eli loved to cuddle after his bath!
Ahh, my clean little
Burrito Boy. So shiny!
8 October 1996

Come the day we had to leave town, I photographed all of us
on the front porch. The drive back to Crosby takes a good five
hours, but that's nothing to the kids. They're pro's at long road trips!

Self-portrait #1
All of us on das
Plum Hause
9 October 1996
Self-portrait #2
Taylor says "Ooh!"
Eli tries to run!
9 October 1996
I think he's ready to go...
The girls are quite
entertained today
9 October 1996
Whatever it is, I don't think he likes it.
Taste-testing at
the rest stop. Ugh!
9 October 1996
Bought this dulcimer in Fredericksburg...
Dulcimer testing,
same rest stop...
9 October 1996

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