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Pedernales Falls


Back in my cheapskate days, I hated to pay for hotel rooms.
In fact, I didn't like to pay for tent sites, but I would choose a
nice cheap bed in the dirt over sleeping in the car. Camping
was the way we saw the country back in those days, even with
all of our toddlers and infants travelling with us. Normal stuff.

I had also acquired a Texas Parks Pass, which was a bit costly,
but allowed access to all the state parks sans entrance fee.
We needed a place to camp for the night, and by chance we chose
Pedernales Falls State Park, near Johnson City. Hill Country cheap!

Good thing strollers aren't self-propelled
Eli watches as the
girls romp around
6 April 1995
Kara: princess of hats
You're right, my dear
It's definitely you
6 April 1995
Getting their wiggles out
Jenna gets a leg up
from her sisters
6 April 1995
He's just a Wannabe Aggie!
A short night,
then a long day
6 April 1995

Our single night at the park was all too brief, but we had to get on the road
back to Wyoming (it took us three or four days to get there, but we saw alot
of West Texas). A quick look at the Falls isn't etched in my memory, but I
know we saw the Pedernales River. It'd be a nice place to re-visit, someday.

From the TPWD website
Pedernales Falls State Park
Texas Parks & Wildlife Division
Circa 2005
From the TPWD website
People at play,
Pedernales Falls State Park
Circa 2005

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