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Brianna can grow anything in a clay pot
3rd floor porch!
10 August 2009
Short 'Quicktime' panorama of the little back porch
Porch pan,
10 August 2009
'Yeah, I'll have the pastrami, and just pile the fries and the cole slaw right on the sandwich, please...'
At Primanti Bros.
11 August, 2009
Short 'Quicktime' panorama of Primanti Brothers' Deli from our table
Primanti Bros.
Hand in the Monongahela!
11 August 2009

On an extended road trip in 2009, we made our Easternmost destination
the city of Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania. With Gettysburgh initially on the
agenda, we found so much to see in Pittsburgh that we never made it
to that famous Civil War battleground. Ever seen a beer cave!?

Find stick, poke into river
Eli at riverside,
Point State Park
11 August 2009
Also find stick, poke into river
Taylor & the river
Point State Park
11 August 2009
Big, sweet flowers
Brianna & flowers
Point State Park
11 August 2009
Diagram of the layout of Fort Duquesne/Fort Pitt, down at Point State Park
The only dry spot around
during high water...
11 August 2009
This is where the old was built
Old Fort Pitt's
historic location
11 August 2009

Brianna & Josh moved here in the summer of 2008. They were renting the third floor of
an old house in Edgewood, on Franklin Avenue. It was amazing work of early 20th-century
architechture, replete with plank floors, wrought-iron fire escapes, and lead-pipe plumbing.
The sidewalks in the neighborhood were stone slabs, and some of the streets were paved
with red brick. Over all, the folks were pretty friendly, unless they were driving...

The fountain wasn't spewing today...
The fountain at
Point State Park
11 August 2009
I ain't jumpin' in there!!
Stay dry, Eli!
Point State Park
11 August 2009
Dare ya to drink from it!
One happy face!
Point State Park
11 August 2009
When not dormant, the vertical water plume reaches 150 feet in height.
Taylor at the fountain,
Point State Park
11 August 2009
Umm... no, he's not with us...
Flying fish!
Point State Park
11 August 2009

Home to a number of great sports teams, as well as about 300,000 metropolitan dwellers,
the seven-county area that outsiders consider to be Pittsburgh holds an amazing 2.4 million souls!

Heading back to the Hood
Boys & Brianna
Pittsburgh pause
11 August 2009
Home, Home in the Hood
Brianna & Josh
relaxing at home
11 August 2009
Alissa took the best chair...
Living room of
the gods, heh-heh!
11 August 2009
It was a good night of conversation
Downtime in a
crowded house
11 August 2009
USS Requin, moored on the Ohio River
Eli below deck,
USS Requin
12 August, 2009

Three rivers converge here: The Monongahela descends from the mountains in the southeast.
The Allegheny meanders in from the uplands to the northeast. These two broad rivers converge
at Pittsburgh to form the mighty Ohio River. Pittsburgh was once known as "Steel Town,"
but thanks to the rivers and to steel, it's also known as the "City of Bridges."

It must be the sight of the gaming tables...
Taylor brimming with
glee, USS Requin
12 August, 2009
Why they didn't used to allow women on submarines.
Alissa & Brianna
USS Requin
12 August, 2009
Commissioned in 1945, decommissioned in 1968
Tench-class sub
USS Requin

(Link to Sub info)
They called him 'Row-butt' on the TV series
Lost in Space icon
Will Robinson's robot
12 August, 2009
Sometimes you need a protocol droid when you run with the ladies...
C-3P0 with
complex earthlings
12 August, 2009

Along with a fine science museum near Three Rivers Stadium,
the submarine USS Requin is moored on the North bank of the
Ohio River. Restaurants are everywhere, any kind of food you want.
Churches, cathedrals, synagogues, colleges, universities... tall buildings,
short buildings, old, new, rounded tall hills they call mountains... yep, it's
easy to see how people wind up spending their entire lives in a place like this.

What are you doing, Dave?
Nerd's Dream:
Me & Hal 9000
12 August, 2009
How the robots at Carnegie Museum of Science see us...
Taylor & Ben
in infra-red
12 August, 2009
A view of the city from atop Mount Washington...
Lit-up city from
Mt. Washington
12 August, 2009
Do you ever wonder if these big platforms might ever slide into the Monongahela River???
Pittsburgh, big fans,
and visitors.
12 August, 2009
Spot the family members!
Wii players made
by Eli & Taylor
13 August 2009

While we were enjoying our leisure time, Josh & Brianna had their normal
routines to attend to (school & work). That was our unofficial downtime,
a necessary recharge for our whirlwind afternoons and evenings. I was
amazed hiking through an extensive "green space" just a few blocks
from the 'hood. It was a relatively deep gorge, hidden simultaneously
within and from the city by a thick, deciduous canopy.
A small stream trickled right through its lush, serene depths.

Getting my butt Wii'd!
Battle of the
learning curves
13 August 2009
Our activity when Josh & Brianna were at work
Couple of guitar
heroes tear it up
14 August 2009
Mmmmmm. Beeer...
Josh tour-guiding:
Pittsburgh beer cave.
15 August, 2009
Mmmmmm. Pizzaaa...
Josh tour-guiding:
Pittsburgh Pizza.
15 August, 2009
Mmmmmm. Beeer & Group photo...
All together,
photo by staff
15 August, 2009

We had some homecooked meals at Brianna's & Josh's, but with
such a wide array of victuals within our grasp, we dined out alot.
Our final night there, Josh took us to one of his favorite pizzarias.
I can't recall the name, but it doesn't seem to matter. Afterwards,
we caught the sunset and fed the mosquitoes at a local frisbee
golf course. The next day, we would be on the road...

Mmmmmm. Pizzaaa...
Brianna & Josh,
postprandial glee
15 August, 2009
This is how the end of the day looks when the air is rich with oxygen...
Sunset in Pittsburgh:
frisbee golf course
15 August, 2009
Is he a lefty or is he just warming up???
Taylor takes aim,
Brianna can't watch!
15 August, 2009
She enjoys frisbee golf spectatorship!
Alissa on the
frisbee golf course.
15 August, 2009

It's always good to visit your kids when they've flown the nest.
Just have to find the time!

The dynamic duo
Josh & Brianna
enjoy sundown
15 August, 2009
Big mosquitoes, ample vectors
Hillside at the
frisbee golf course
15 August, 2009
Last night in Pittsburgh
Taylor & Eli
golfing frisbee-style,
15 August, 2009

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