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Philadelphia, PA

In October of 2008, Alissa & I attended the Chest 2008 conference
in Philadelphia. We were there at the behest of Dr. Thornton of Cheyenne,
to gather knowledge that would benefit nursing practice in our little Wyoming town.
Incidentally, the Phillies were in the World Series, and when they won,
we found ourselves embedded in one of the greatest shows on Earth.

Ben Franklin's grave is somewhere in the neighborhood...
Josh, Brianna & Alissa
hunting for Ben Franklin's grave.
25 Ocotber, 2008
Tourism in the birthplace of American freedom!!
Josh & Brianna
at Independence Hall,
25 October, 2008
Walk this way...
Alissa leads the way
to the Constitution Center,
25 October, 2008
Dwarfed by development, the state house...
Independence Hall,
25 October, 2008

Brianna & Josh traveled across Pennsylvania to spend a few days with us
while we were there. Amongst many other experiences, we patronized the
infamous Mutter Museum for an afternoon.
We also found the grave of Stephen Decatur, and
I was able to submerse my hands in the Delaware River.

The birthplace of American freedom...
Independence Hall,
25 October, 2008
Biggest dang pipe organ in America?
Inside Macy's
29 October, 2008
City Hall, Philadelphia
Downtown Philly,
29 October, 2008

Gooo, ASTRO --- er, PHILLIES!!
Feeling the warmth,
29 October, 2008

When the conference was over, we returned to a changed corporate atmosphere that was
more wary of integumentarily litigious clients (because of a pending lawsuit!!) than it was
with the ABC's of survival (Airway, Breathing & Circulation), which was why we were
dispatched to Philadelphia in the first place. Alas.

Thousands of baseball fans take to the streets!
Partying for the Phillies,
29 October, 2008
Amongst the crazies...
Alissa out on the streets
amongst the revelers.
29 October, 2008
Hiding out at the hotel bar from the World Series partiers
In a safer place,
29 October, 2008
Down on the Delaware River dockside
Having a walkabout,
riverside on the Delaware,
30 October, 2008
He's gonna do it. Ick!
Down with the river,
30 October, 2008
The Delaware drips from my hand.
Another river touched.
30 October, 2008
Philadelphia! Get the Micks off the boat!
Irish immigrants
looking for French fries?
30 October, 2008
Hey there, Punkin!
Philadelphians are
proud of their Phillies!
30 October, 2008

Still, it was a good experience, one that reinforced our reasons for living in the
Great American West!

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