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Capulin Mountain, New Mexico

22 March 1999

The state flag of New Mexico
The Great Seal
The state flag of New Mexico

On the way to Texas during Spring Break 1999, we stopped for lunch and to
stretch our legs at Capulin Mountain, in Northeast New Mexico. Still traveling
on-the-cheap in those days, a picnic was standard fare for the midday meal.
We had dined at many roadside locations, and Capulin was a place we
never seemed to get tired of. Besides, they have picnic tables. I have a pass.

The mountain rises above the picnic area...
Picnic at the foot
of Capulin Mountain
22 March 1999
It might be a 5.5...
Easy free-soloing
at the picnic area
22 March 1999
We had the Suburban by now... note the big food box!
Jenna & Alissa
getting lunch ready
22 March 1999
My little monkies!
Eschewing the table
for a rocky perch
22 March 1999
This is an easy trip for small kids.
Hiking to the rim
of the volcano
22 March 1999

I was able to free-solo some easy rock while we were at the picnic area.
The rock was mostly solid, of an igneous nature, and exfoliating at its
own convenience. Almost everything rang hollow when I thumped it, but
stayed put when I yarded on it. Some of the older kids followed suit.
After lunch, we drove up a little higher to the parking area and hiked easily
up the utile asphalt trail to the rim of the ancient 8,182-feet-high volcano.

I was telling him how to operate the camera
Photo by Eli,
at another time
19 March 2001
Last time she was here, Brianna was standing a 12 inches of snow.
Jenna & Brianna
at an overlook
22 March 1999
Descriptive signage on the trail
Jenna testing
her reading skills
22 March 1999
Alissa thought she should keep her purse with her...
Alissa & Jenna
hiking to the rim
22 March 1999
Fine day for a stroll...
Sierra Grande rises
in the distance
22 March 1999

This is the sort of outing I would recommend to anyone with small
children, in good weather. It's a great alternative to stopping in Raton
or Dumas, if you want to stretch your legs. There is not a restaurant
in the close vicinity as I recall, but you can probably get what I call
gas station food in the little town of Capulin near the mountain.

This is the highest edge of the crater rim
A hundred feet
below the summit
22 March 1999
Here he comes!.. Again!
The boys ran up,
then barreled down
22 March 1999
Taylor said that stuff all the time...
"I'm on the top
of the world!"
22 March 1999
Group hug on the
summit of Capulin
22 March 1999

Guess we're ready to get back on the road...
One more picture
from the top
22 March 1999
Easy up, easy down...
Descent from the top
of Capulin Mountain
22 March 1999
You run down, and I'll run back up...
Planning their next
move on Capulin
22 March 1999
Let's do it again!!
Eli burning off his
everlasting energy
22 March 1999

This time, we headed down the road, staying at a motel in
Amarillo, I think. Capulin was a good stop on our journey.

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