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July, 2002

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In 2002, we took the kids on a very long vacation which included
camping on the Piscataqua River in New Hampshire. It was July, and included
the wedding in Rochester, New Hampshire of Alissa's second cousin Eric to
his fiance Amanda. In the meantime, we visited one of the beaches along the
New Hampshire shoreline.

'You can't be serious!'
Brianna, Eli, Gramma Freeman
and Jenna in the shallows,
12 July, 2002
Is that medical waste from NYC?
Taylor in the surf,
12 July, 2002
Can I get any more drenched?!
Eli still half-dry,
12 July, 2002

This was a great time to be in the Northern Atlantic. The weather was relatively hot,
and the water was cool. And unlike the camping area near the river, there were very few bugs!

Eli getting thoroughly wet
Baptismal wading
12 July, 2002
Run, boy, run!
Eli on the fly
12 July, 2002
Anyone here ever heard of Notre Dame???
Ben making attractive
facial gestures!
12 July, 2002

Taylor got colder than everyone else, and was one of the first
of the kids to abandon the North Atlantic...

When he was small, Taylor always said he was cold whenever he wanted to be cuddled.
'I'm cold, Grampa.'
12 July, 2002
Taylor & Eli sunning themselves
The Boys getting sun
12 July, 2002
At the wedding, Rochester
Taylor & Gramma
13 July, 2002

The wedding was in Rochester, and we all got reasonably dressed-up for it.
The next day, we left the family gathering for Maine...

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