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The State of New Hampshire

September/October, 2000

The state flag of New Hampshire
New Hampshire's Flag
Cities of New Hampshire
Map of the State
Drive through! Stop for history!
A day in NH, 2000

Back in 2000, when Alissa & I took our first "Without Kids" trip,
we landed in Boston, rented a little car and drove out of town as fast
as we could. We were going to Maine, but on the way we had to see
some of New Hampshire. The rocky shores dictated a pause in the drive.

We were surprised at how cold to sea breeze felt to us. Pretty soon
we were calorie-depleted and in need of a warm meal. Once in Portsmouth,
there were many eateries to choose from. Fortunately for Alissa, everyone of them
served lobster. Unfortunately for me, everyone of them served lobster!

Good lookin' car, yo.
Alissa in the Elantra,
New Hampshire
27 Sept, 2000
An old, too-compressed picture of Portsmouth from Kittery, Maine
Portsmouth across the
Piscataqua River
It felt like Autumn on this windy New Hampshire beach!
Alissa on the edge
of the North Atlantic
27 Sept 2000

We stumbled into a cozy little place called Geno's Chowder & Sandwich Shop.
The whole family was working in there, except, I suppose, those who were out to sea.
What was really interesting for me, in the heart of New England, here was a politically-conservative
family who had no hesitation in telling you who they preferred to be the next U.S. president.

"And it isn't Mr. Gore," Geno's widow informed me. I resembled that remark...

All around the chowderhouse were photos of George H.W. Bush and other conservative
persons. And what was even better, the food was great. I nibbled my tuna sandwich,
envious of Alissa, who doesn't have my shellfish allergy, enjoying her lobster stew.
It was like being at my mom's house. Only the accents were different!

She'll have the lobsta. I'll have the non-shellfish platter, dammit.
Feeling at home
at Geno's
27 Sept 2000
Down by the riverside in Portsmouth
On the Piscataqua
Portsmouth, NH
27 Sept 2000
Old headstones reminded us of our national heritage.
Alissa in the old
Point of Graves Burial Ground
27 Sept 2000

We were parked near the Point of Graves Burial Ground, where the headstones dated
from the 1600's. I was in awe of these monuments, and mused about who these people
were, how they lived, and how different their world was from ours today. Alissa is drawn to
such places, and wonders aloud about the dead, never marginalizing their passing.
She always has a gentle heart.

Alice Ayers, aged 53 years
Point of Graves Burial Ground
Portsmouth, NH
27 Sept 2000
Richard Jose, age 48 years & Hannah Ayrs, aged 54 years
Point of Graves Burial Ground
Portsmouth, NH
27 Sept 2000
William Button, aged 37 years
Point of Graves Burial Ground
Portsmouth, NH
27 Sept 2000

Before leaving town, I was drawn into a record store where I heard a punk-style
song playing on the hi-fi inside. I had to have that CD! And, being in the
Land of Lobsta, it seemed only too appropriate to get some kinda Hives
while we were here!

Veni, Vidi, Vicious by The Hives, that is...

On to Ogunquit now!

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