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Kalispell: The Conrad Mansion

14 August 1995

While we were visiting Glacier National Park, Alissa somehow
found out that there was a destination in nearby Kalispell:
The Conrad Mansion. We had been on the road for ten days,
so after a wash (with the slightest eau de campfire lingering),
we motored off toward our goal for the day: a slice of history and a taste
of Montana's early 20th-century haute société.

It was raining outside, but we walked around anyway.
Classic view of
the Conrad Mansion
14 August 1995
Brianna was 'flying' Eli around like an airplane...
Eli wants to know
why the ride is over!
14 August 1995
Okay, let's all go inside!
Brianna, Eli & Kara
about to take the tour
14 August 1995

It was rainy this day, so we didn't spend alot of time
touring the grounds (by now, we weren't scared of rain).
I was amazed at how paying for a tour didn't faze Alissa
one bit, because she was so very frugal with our money...
but not today! This was one of those things that women like,
at any price. And, ohhh boy. Did she ever enjoy it.

Photo used with permission
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Thanks to Mike Kofford, Director

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