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Carthage, Missouri

Ah. Southwest Missouri!
We made a brief, two-night stop-over at Greg's & Deb's in Missouri on our way back to Wyoming.
By now, we were getting used to humidity & heat, except that the weather became cool
and wet with rain. So jumpin' in a lake was suddenly "out."

In Greg's & Deb's veggy garden
Emily & Alissa
touring the food garden.
18 August, 2009
Chit chat at the dinner table
The moms and the kids
chatting round the table.
18 August, 2009
Specializing in taking in loose-runnin' dawgs...
Grace & one of
her little buddies
18 August, 2009
Home, home on the pastureland...
Greg's & Deb's
country home.
18 August, 2009

This was Alissa's & my first time at Greg's & Deb's house. I was pretty impressed with
their outbuildings, and by the size of the trees on their property. There was even talk of
cutting down one very impressive smokeball tree like the one we have here in Wyoming,
(the one we have grows so slowly we call it a "bush"). I shudder to think of it.

Not since Scrabble have we had this much fun!
This gossip makes
Taylor blush.
18 August, 2009
No, Grace, I'd say gold is NOT better than white enamel.
Grace mugs for
the camera??
18 August, 2009
I know, I know, it is everlasting... no monkey suits or midnight pranks!!
They are still talking
about cleaning products!
18 August, 2009
Yes. They ARE the whitest white socks we have ever seen.
Spot the looney?
18 August, 2009

Earlier in the summer, Eli & Taylor had taken a little trip with Gramma & Grampa Freeman to Carthage.
They spent some time at Stockton Lake; pictures below by Gramma Freeman:

Only way to catch fish here is to stay away from all the LOUD people, right, Merrill?
Grampa knows
where to fish.
21 July, 2009
You gonna eat that?
Taylor shaking
a fish silly.
20 July, 2009
Real fishermen don't wear shirts!
Abe and his
20 July, 2009
I'll sell him to you for eight dollars.
Eli gets
a bluegill.
21 July, 2009

Not biting? See if you can haul in Grace!
Boys angling
in leisurely style.
20 July, 2009
It's a duck's world... be afraid!
Never get between
a duck & his crumbs
21 July, 2009
Think she has a career opportunity in experimental maritime craft!
Grace aweigh!
21 July, 2009

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