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The State of Maine

July, 2002

Maine in low resolution
Basic Map of the State
The state flag of Maine with the official state seal
Maine's Flag
Page from my journal
Journal Entry

Alissa wanted to share the beauty of Maine's coastline with our kids from the time
she and I first visited it back in 2000. I was keeping a journal on that epic trip,
my little daily sounding board. We had taken a scenic route through Ontario, Canada,
spending several days on the north shore of Lake Erie. We followed that with a
stopover in New Hampshire, for Eric's and Amanda's wedding in Rochester.
We had quite an adventure driving in Maine, and arrived at our destination
campground in the early evening. The tide was out, and Alissa & the kids
wandered out into the muck of Thomas Bay while I set up the campsite.

The tide was out when we arrived at our campsite.
Eli playing on rocks
over Thomas Bay.
14 July 2002
At this campsite, we paid PER occupant, PER day.
Eli busts a move,
Thomas Bay, Maine
14 July 2002
He only came out at night!
The King visiting
fellow campers
15 July 2002
Taylor wondered if Elvis was the 'Karate King...'
A little snack
after supper...
15 July 2002

The next morning, we went to the Bar Harbor Oceanarium,
where a retired lobster fisherman gave a long talk
about fishing and the ways of life here in Maine. He was a great teacher, who mixed
history and tradition with philosophy and religion. I really enjoyed his presentation.

"Like the lobster and the crab, the time that we grow the most
is when our hard shell is off, and we are soft and vulnerable."

Afterwards, we drove to Southwest Harbor to eat lunch and to shop for groceries.
Rain, fog and thunder: the weather settled into this daily pattern. This evening, though,
we managed to finish cooking our hobo dinners just as the deluge poured down.

Links to our whale-watching page!
Whale Watching,
Gulf of Maine
16 July 2002
The day there was no thunder at Thunder Hole
Thunder Hole,
Otter Point
17 July 2002
An old soaker at Otter Point
A splashy soaker at
Otter Point, Maine
17 July 2002
This is one of Acadia's climbing areas
Taylor & Eli
enjoying the sun
17 July 2002

Tuesday the 16th, we booked a whale-watching tour aboard the Helen H, out of Bar Harbor.
When we returned, we spent the evening at Geddy's Restaurant and Bar. The next moring, we drove
along the island's east shoreline, to see the sights. Thunder Hole was decidedly quiet that day,
although the North Atlantic was pounding outlying rocks at Otter Point. The sun came out
briefly, but afterwards the usual damp chill reigned. We salvaged the tour with a drive to the
summit of Cadillac Mountain. We had a tarp to cook under in our campsite, which helped!

They were good for 2 pictures... not much more!
Cool weather on
Cadillac Mountain
17 July 2002
Teeth-chattering chill at the summit!
Cadillac Mountain
1,530 feet
17 July 2002
View to the west, Cadillac Mountain
Somes Sound and
beyond, Acadia N.P.
17 July 2002
Snack time!
Eli & Taylor
playing with food
17 July 2002

Food should be fun!
The joys of snack
foods & camping
17 July 2002
Hope Eli swallows that banana!
Camping manners:
made for boys
17 July 2002
Brotherly Love
Eli & Taylor hiking
to Sand Beach
18 July 2002
On the little trail to Sand Beach, Acadia Nat'l Park
Eli & Taylor
goofing around
18 July 2002

On the 18th, I had to go climb something, and the Beehive was calling my name.
Everyone else hiked the trail to Sand Beach, a stone's throw away. The climb went quickly, and it
was just the thing to cool my angst. Our drive continued around to the Quiet Side of the island,
at Southwest Harbor, to another oceanarium. This place was "hands on:" we were allowed to touch
nearly everything in the tanks, even the icky, squirting sea cucumbers...

To the BEEHIVE page!
Climbing Beehive
520 feet
18 July 2002
Eli waiting for everyone else??
Eli having a
breather for now
18 July 2002
I think she's dancing...
Alissa under the
cooking tarp at dusk
19 July 2002
Keeping a watchful eye on the fire
Eli tending the
vital flame...
19 July 2002

The 19th was a shopping day. It was rainy anyhow, and Alissa wanted to visit Jack's Jewelry
in Bar Harbor with the girls. I went to Bluesboy Music, planning to buy a cheap little travel
guitar, but then, I saw the dobro... and I could not talk myself out of buying it.
Only problem was, I got busted using the credit card just as Alissa finally located me...

She didn't seem to mind, having just bought some tourmaline herself!

Jenna having some 'me time'
On the edge of
Thomas Bay camp
19 July 2002
Sun's going down...
Sun obscured by
heavy cloud...
19 July 2002
Jenna makes her way back...
Jenna comes back
to the campsite
19 July 2002
Gathered around the fire in the gloaming
Inspiration comes
at times like this
19 July 2002

It cleared up enough for the sun to put on a show at the end of the day. We were all
getting a little homesick by now, having been on the road for two weeks. I had one more itch
to scratch, though: we had to go climb a mountain. Maybe two!

The next morning, we hiked up the Acadia Mountain trail, and although we knew the
girls would have no trouble with it, we were a bit concerned about the boys, who at the time
were 6 and 7 years of age. They did so well, we decided to hike up Mansell Mountain too!

Gramma & Grampa Freeman stopped by to visit
Everyone sat by
the campfire
19 July 2002
The greatest show on Earth
Glad we could catch
the warm colors
19 July 2002
Link to our climb of Acadia Mountain
Acadia Mountain
681 feet
20 July 2002
Link to our climb of Mansell Mountain
Mansell Mtn
949 feet
20 July 2002
I know it's the night before. I was too busy packing to shoot the sunset on the 20th!
One last image
of Thomas Bay
19 July 2002

That night, we packed whatever we could, and the next morning, we began our interminable drive
back home. Everyday we were on the highway for hundreds of miles. I drove like a machine, focused
only on our Home Sweet Home. At the end of our third day of heading West, we arrived. Ahhh...

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