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French Lick, Indiana

16 August, 2009

'Neath the shadow of Paoli Peaks, the little town of French Lick got its start as a trading post over 200 years ago
thanks to (one might guess!) French hunters & trappers. Local Indians weren't too happy about white folks being
there, and they frequently harrassed & raided the would-be entrepreneurs. The maps of the area I've seen with regards
to tribal occupation place the Shawnee tribe in that area. Suffice to say there must be some logical reason
for the state name (duhhh!).

Anyhow, the French moved out about the time of the Louisiana Purchase (1803), and the Americans took their place
in the region. They managed to establish a fort despite the Indians' frequent troublesome activities. Then someone
invented tomato juice, and introduced the Indians to the Bloody Mary. Then Old Doc Bowles had a bright idea that made
alot of sense. He said, "If the Indians had a casino around here, we could keep them drunk. They love gaming, so we could
let them gamble their wampum away. They'll become complacent and they'll leave us alone, so we can get on with our farming
and stuff!"

Everyone thought that was a pretty good idea, so that's pretty much almost-but-not-really how it all happened.

Phoebe & Susan
Phoebe & Susan
helping out in
Zoe's kitchen.
'I do too have a sense of fashion!' Elvin argued with Smokey & Mike
Elvin, Smokey & Mike
Betcha the dogs 're done before the patties!
Fred, Randy's friend, Randy
& Walter at ringside for
the cook-off...
Walter admires Zoe's flying spatula from a safe distance!
Moments from the
start of the feast!
Moments from clanging the dinner bell at Zoe's house.
They prepared a huge
repast for us! Taylor,
Rudy, Josh, Eli & Alissa
Only seven of 'em not present for now...
Harold, Randy, Mike, Walter
Elvin, Rudy; Smokey,
Zoe, Valeta, & Jeannie.
It's a flower within a flower...
Local horticulture
at Rudy's & Phoebe's
There were so many things growing around Phoebe's house that we had to take a formal tour.
Phoebe & Alissa
on the garden stroll

We were just making an overnight stop in French Lick to briefly reconnect with Alissa's many relatives
in and around Buzzard Hollow. We were surprised & humbled when everyone showed up, and they laid out
a massive potluck feast for all. After supper, Phoebe and Rudy took Alissa & I to their place and showed us around.
I admired Rudy's completely-restored 1953 Dodge pickup truck... amazing work.

The bird feeder and the little shed
Backyard shed
and feeder at
Rudy's & Phoebe's
Sun's going down like a big bald head... that you can only see the reflection of...
Sunset at
Buzzard Hollow
The famous Spider Flower
They have so
'There's Ben's monkey, Dad!'
Anybody wanna
buy a suit?
The monkey's outta the bag!
Itchy: a
sharp-dressed man!
'Hey Mom, are you just supposed to swallow the water bugs, or chew them up first?'
Down at the spring
the next morning.
Zoe, Alissa & Eli walking back to Zoe's house.
Alissa remembering
stuff from the past...
The sunlight plays pretty tricks here in the Lick
Strolling back
to the house.

On our way out of town the next morning, Zoe took us to the graveyard to see the headstones of absent family:
Uncle Ronald, Uncle Claire, Aunt Leatha, and Grandpa Clarence & Grandma Edith Freeman.

Next time we go back, we'll have to spend a little more time there. And get some tomato juice...

All images 2009 EBBoykin, Jr

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