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Rock Island County, Illinois

7 July, 2002

We crossed into Illinois on 7 July 2002, headed for destinations further East. It was HOT,
steamy and bright. Despite the summer sun, the light was diffused enough by the humidity
that we didn't have great need for sunglasses. The Mississippi River flowed like a mighty
lizard under the Interstate 80 bridge. We stopped at a small conservation park and let
the kids get their wiggles out. I miss those simple days. Funny how I thought it so complicated back then.

Roll it, boys!
Eli & Taylor
succumb to gravity
7 July 2002
Jenna twirling the hill
Jenna testing the
gravitational quotient
7 July 2002
Nobody's gonna steal this set-up!
Our rig at the
parking lot
7 July 2002
A 1500 Chevy chassis and a small trailer
The Suburban
& the trailer
7 July 2002
Can you spell 'Mississippi?'
America's big river
at Rock Island, Illinois
7 July 2002

I think, after stopping here and having a bit to eat, we moved on toward Benton Harbor, Michigan.
We were on our way to Ontario, Canada, and then to Maine, following the Great Curve of the Earth.
Seeing the Mississippi River is always a huge event. I hope the kids remember that.

Say 'cheese!'
Our children and
the Mississippi
7 July 2002
Hi! It's sooo hot!
Alissa & Brianna
walking in the heat
7 July 2002
Run for the roses!
Taylor & Jenna
running for the cooler
7 July 2002
Couples portrait, Iliinois
Alissa & Ben
in Illinois
7 July 2002
A page from the journal
Daily page from
my travel journal
7 July 2002

When lunch was over, we headed east toward Chicago, which we bypassed. Whew!!

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