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Beaver Creek

Spring, 2012

There wasn't much in the way of late winter snowpack this year.
It was also a bit different from previous Spring Breaks, in that
Alissa, Eli & Taylor went without an extended familial entourage.
That's right, it was just the three of them enjoying this unique
early Spring outing, and no grumpy old man to pick up after!

The guys took along their Xbox on this trip.
Taylor is truly a
serious multi-tasker
2 April 2012
Must be having a moment of pedal angst...
Digital twinkle toes
playing the Xbox
2 April 2012
Look, Ma, no head lice!
Eli's brand new
Spring haircut
3 April 2012
Ready to get on the road!
Alissa gets everyone
on the move
4 April 2012
Photo by Tom Keough
Taylor, Alissa & Eli
on Bellyache Ridge
4 April 2012 *

Alissa told me that the snow pack was so degraded that most of
the lower run-outs were huge puddles of mud. The unseasonal warmth
of 2012 left over two-thirds of Beaver Creek closed to snow sports. So,
they spent most of the time in pursuit of leisure activities... shopping
for interesting food, getting their hair cut, and (gulp) paragliding.

Up in the high Rockies
Eli & Taylor await
their glider pilots...
4 April 2012
This is on 9200-foot Bellyache Ridge.
One of the pilots
with Eli & Taylor
4 April 2012
Piney Peak in the distance
Setting up on 9200-
foot Bellyache Ridge
4 April 2012
Almost time for take-off
Eli & pilot above the
Colorado River & I-70
4 April 2012
There was hardly a breath of wind this day.
A solo pilot takes
wing. Bellyache Ridge
4 April 2012

The boys took piloted glides from high on Bellyache Ridge East, which tops out
at over 9200 feet above sea level. Alissa decided she would simply enjoy watching!
The guys of Vail Valley Paragliding gave the boys an unforgettable experience, and
provided cameras so Taylor & Eli could film their adventures themselves.

Eli & his pilot launched first.
Taylor watches Eli glide
away over the valley
4 April 2012
Interstate 70 is nearly 2000 feet below.
Run, Taylor, run!!
Launch technique
4 April 2012
This is a critical moment, I am told...
Taylor & his pilot
leave Terra Firma...
4 April 2012
Flying East over the Colorado River valley
Taylor's ride over
the High Country
4 April 2012

Spring conditions are usually alot like gliding on snowcones. I think they had to go fairly high
up on the runs to find decent snow. They did a bit of easy cruising, and feeling a bit homesick,
started home the following morning, stopping at Boondocks in Denver along
the way for an extra lemon-squeezing good time.

They hit the slopes for only a few days.
Spring conditions are
courtesy of Solar Max
5 April 2012
Sometimes, you take what you can get!
Eli & Taylor in
shirt sleeve weather
5 April 2012
Time to work on that fisherman's tan!
Eli cruises easy
at season's end
5 April 2012
Diagonal Boy in a toe turn
Taylor making it
look very casual
5 April 2012
You gotta finish the day right!
Surface tension testing
back at the condo
5 April 2012

I've never been to Boondocks myself, but it's one of those
places that has a little bit of everything. They bowled, they played laser tag,
rode go-karts, played putt-putt golf & poured money into the arcade.
Well, y'know, you can't take any of that legal tender with you!

You gotta work all the muscle groups...
Bowling at Boondocks,
Denver stop-over
6 April 2012
We don't need no stinking license here!
Taylor burning rubber,
Boondocks, Denver
6 April 2012
I think he's doing physics equations in his head...
Eli concentrating,
Boondocks, Denver
6 April 2012
Like I said, you gotta finish the day right!
Brothers in Autos,
Boondocks, Denver
6 April 2012
A fine finish it is... winding it down.
Brothers in Putt-Putt
Boondocks, Denver
6 April 2012

Action photos by Alissa Boykin
* Photo 2012 by Thomas Keough, Vail Valley Paragliding

2012 EBBoykin, Jr


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