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Spring '10

At the end of March,
Alissa & the boys joined others in the family
for a longish little stay at Beaver Creek, Colorado.
These pictures are a gathering of numerous powder
sojourns in the Spring of 2010.

Alpenhorn demo,
American venue
3 March, 2010
Lunch stop on the mountain
Gramma & Alissa
stopping for lunch,
9 March, 2010
Pop a wheelie, boy!
Taylor showing off
his pop-up skill,
15 March, 2010
Sleep when you can, where you can
Taylor catching Z's,
31 March, 2010
Cell phone image of a boy in the powder
Sun's getting higher...
2 April, 2010
Cell phone picture, Beaver Creek back country
Eli & Taylor,
enjoying the conditions
2 April, 2010
Serious ping-pong at the hotel
Taylor & Eli
duking it out,
1 April, 2010
An air-borne Eli,
What a show!
1 April, 2010
The set-up...
Flight of Quackyhead,
#1 of 3
1 April, 2010
The air time...
Flight of Quackyhead,
#2 of 3
1 April, 2010
The landing...
Flight of Quackyhead,
#3 of 3
1 April, 2010
So fast, the photographer missed the air time...
Taylor touches down,
the powder explodes,
1 April, 2010
The streamer tells the tale...
Taylor levitates,
the powder follows,
1 April, 2010
Gotta keep the board below you, huh?
Eli just can't stop flying,
1 April, 2010
Eli making a quick
turn at Beaver Creek,
1 April, 2010
'I can't find the ball, Eli...'
It was a mighty volley,
and they lost the ball...
1 April, 2010
Heel-side turn... cellphone image
Taylor screeching into
a heel-side turn,
2 April, 2010
Running through the trees
Eli moving through a
stand of pine trees
2 April, 2010
Threading a way into the open
Eli & Taylor
headed for the open
2 April, 2010
Here come the boys...
Eli leading the way
out of the trees,
2 April, 2010
...and here's Taylor...
Taylor bringing up
the rear in the open
2 April, 2010
Taylor back in the trees!
Tight turns and
powdery snow
2 April, 2010

All action photos by Alissa Boykin

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