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Random Spring '10

Most of the snowboarding activity in this household
is done on day-trips... leaving early in the morning, and
returning that same night. Here was a slight exception, in that
Alissa & the kids took a quick, long-weekend trip with numerous
other family members in February.

Only Yours Truly could lump February in with Spring. But anyhow...

Over the top, Danny-Boy!
Dan Freeman leaping
into a bowl at Vail,
18 February, 2010
'I'm okay! Okay!!'
Megan Freeman
cruising at Beaver Creek,
20 February, 2010
Going just as fast as he can...
Eli bookin' it
at Beaver Creek,
20 February, 2010
Early cliff-jumping...
Taylor following Eli
off a cliff, Beaver Creek
20 February, 2010
Line up for a nice jump, kids...
Eli takes first jump,
as Taylor & Megan watch.
20 February, 2010
Cell phone picture, Beaver Creek back country
Taylor's next,
then Megan...
20 February, 2010
'Annie Get Your Gun' comes to mind...
Megan off the cliff!
Beaver Creek, Colorado
20 February, 2010
Typical snowboarders' rest...
Eli & Taylor
catch a breather,
20 February, 2010
Go boy, go!
Eli haulin' burrito
under the lifts,
21 February, 2010
He's flyin'...
Taylor on an aero-
dynamic maneuver,
21 February, 2010
Following the parabola...
Eli on the shortest
trajectory downwards,
21 February, 2010

All action photos by Alissa Boykin

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