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Breck '10

Breckenridge, Colorado

2 - 9 January, 2010

The Boykin's: Alissa, Kara, Jenna, Eli & Taylor
The (Merrill) Freeman's: Merrill & Karen
The (Dan) Freeman's: Dan, Joi, Trenton & Megan
The (Greg) Freeman's: Abe, Emily & Grace
and Mike Willcox

Alissa said the parking was hazardous there.
Mike's SUV stuck,
2 January, 2010
'Cicle rivalry,
Grace & Emily
3 January, 2010
Your money,
or your jerky!
3 January, 2010
A perfect nephew
Humble & lovable
3 January, 2010
The whole group
Group photo
4 January, 2010
Megan crashes while sledding.
Megan sliding to a
stop on the sledding
Grace sliding down the sledding course
Go, Grace!
5 January, 2010
Rooky the crouching squirrel...
Taylor's pic of the hungry
squirrel... 5 Jan., 2010
Helping with dinner...
Eli, Grace & Taylor
helping in the kitchen.
5 January, 2010
Foxy foxy...
Evening visitor,
6 January, 2010
Back up the hill, Dan-O!
Dan on the
sledding run.
8 January, 2010
Insane flying Emily
Emily on the slide,
8 January, 2010
Imperial Bowl in the foreground, Contest Bowl left. [Thanks to Taylor for the beta]
Peak 8,
8 Jan., 2010
Another anonymous leap
Taylor putting on
a show,
8 January, 2010
Jenna making great speed...
Jenna fastened to
the backround,
8 January, 2010

Bub fast & shallow
Speed & Agility,
8 January, 2010
Bub in flight on Peak 9
In the Terrain Park
below Peak 9,
8 January, 2010
Feed me!
Foxy foxes
Tails, You're IT!
Foxy fox fox

All action photos 2010 Alissa Boykin

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