All the way Home

Breck '09

Asthmatics @ 3955 meters. They hiked up there from the top of the lift, for a vertical distance of 150 feet. Doesn't sound like a lot to some folks, but try doing that with Reactive Airway Disease.
Alissa & brother Dan on Peak 8
(12,976 ft), the Tenmile Range
Abe in a big-time heel turn. GO ABE, GO!
Abe turns so hard that
folks around him disappear!
Cruisin' toward the corduroy
Eli in transit, heading for another
lift to another good ride...
Fast & furious
Uncle Dan putting
on an air show
No tricks on camera, just sheer elegance.
Kara avoiding the limelight
...except for that pank coat.
Guess she's Danny's wingman
Jenna on the fly
Respectable air, Megan!
The heel-side flight, demonstrated
here by Megan Freeman
A little photoshoppin' to make him stand out a bit...
Taylor doesn't know he leans
into his turns so aggressively...
Flying in formation...
Abe & Taylor in concert
It's pastoral. It's contemplative. It's meditative. It's like magic. Only different.
Gramma Karen schussing
in her one quiet place
Subtlety. Economy of movement. 'S what it looks like anyway...
Jeff Maestas plowing
that annoying powder aside
Insane flying gourmet
Matt Ley wins the 'Best Dressed'
award for the whole trip.
Lookit all that CRUD he's kicked up!
Taylor definitely in the air
putting on the dog fer Mom
A fireball in a dark outfit
Emily descending in a snowflake
backdrop, framed by tall lumber
He's bursting with excitement. Completely internalized. None o' yer beeswax. Strictly personal.
Grampa Merrill living in the moment
shielding that big smile of his.
I think Abe's holding back a little. What a nice boy.
Father & son, Greg & Abe
movin' like bats out of Heck
This is what happens when you get separated from your lunch.
With cat-like reflexes,
Greg readies to pounce!
WHOA! I thought I saw a puddytat!
Screeching into a turn,
Grace never fails to entertain.
Lose your wallet for a week, lose your juju, eh?
Trenton in an uncharacteristically tame
moment, with only his head in the clouds
Obligatory group photo #1
The huge Freeman/Boykin bunch
Obligatory group photo #2
All the grandkids.
You know who you are!

Here's a pic I forgot to include
Joi making a
rooster tail!
5 January 2009

All action photos by Alissa Boykin


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