Team Sports


2008 to 2010

Carey Junior High seems like a rough enough place to learn to wrestle, doesn't it?!
Eli has been in Wrestling since 2008. Taylor's first season of Wrestling was
cut short by a concussion in November, 2009. He was disappointed
to be benched, but we followed the prudent medical advice of the ER doctor.

Eli has continued to participate in wrestling, even playing some football to
stay honed, on the advice of his coaches. He lifts weights as well.

Eli (in black) and opponent on the mat
Eli besting his
worthy opponent
5 November 2008
Won the match today!
Eli getting the
winner's place today
5 November 2008
His opponent was a tenacious fighter... almost got 'im pinned
Taylor and opponent
on the mat
19 November 2009
Back on their feet for another round
Taylor (right) in
Round Two
19 November 2009
Start of the match
Eli and opponent
on the mat
12 December 2009

"We need more pictures of Eli wrestling. Football is just his adjunct. Wrestling is his sport," Alissa says.
Granted. God grant me the serenity to photograph those things which I can; to photograph those things
which I cannot; and the wisdom to disregard the difference [apologies to Doctor Bob]...

Won the match today!
Eli on top for
the moment
12 December 2009
Artistic rendering of Wrestling...
Eli in the Struggle
in artistic rendering
12 December 2009
Kneeling start of Round Two
Eli starts on top
for Round Two
12 December 2009
Team Portrait, East High
Eli's wrestling portrait
East High J.V.
15 October 2010
This was a tough match!
Eli a bit outweighed
but giving his all
14 December 2010


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