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JV & Varsity Wrestling

2011 Bison Bonanza Invitational

South High, Cheyenne, Wyoming

South High School is a recent addition to Laramie County School District #1.
During last year's wrestling season, one of the school's wrestlers, Isaac Salas,
fractured his neck during a match. His recovery period was lengthy, complicated
by resultant quadriplegia. Every wrestler in the county felt a sense of relief when
he was finally able to come home from the rehab hospital. Tragically, he passed
away a few days after returning to Cheyenne. He was on everybody's hearts during
the Bison Bonanza Invitational, hosted by his home school, South High.

Eli pinning his opponent.
Micah Vs. Eli:
1st match, 120 lbs
17 December 2011
It took about 25 seconds for Eli to best his worthy opponent.
Back arched, but
it isn't enough...
17 December 2011
Worthy opponent and Eli sign in for the semifinal round.
Signing in for
the semi-final match
17 December 2011
Eli's opponent is from South High
Round One in
the Semi-finals
17 December 2011
Fast action...
Fast & furious
semi-final match
17 December 2011
I wish I could have been there to watch it myself.
Moments from takedown,
makin' Mom nervous.
17 December 2011
Same moment, photo by Heidi Romsa
Same moment,
different photographer
17 December 2011
Eli scored a few good points here, as indicated by the referee
East gets 2 points
for the takedown
17 December 2011
Worthy opponent starting 'up,' Eli 'down.'
Round two of
the semi-final match
17 December 2011
Eli exploded upwards and broke away
The break-away:
Semi-final match
17 December 2011

I had to work, so Alissa went to the invitational instead. She sent text
messages to me during the initial match and after the semi-finals. Eli won
both matches, which placed him in the finals. He once again
had the honor of wearing the East High championship singlet.

Eli's worthy opponent on the defensive
Eli clearly on the
offensive. Semifinals.
17 December 2011
Photo by Heidi Romsa
Worthy Opponent
17 December 2011
Photo by Heidi Romsa
Closer to the end
of this match...
17 December 2011
On to the Championship match!
Eli again pins his
worthy opponent
17 December 2011
His mom was proud as well as relieved!
Semi-finals winner,
120-lb weight class
17 December 2011
I like the little stars in his eyes whenever he wins.
Eli shakes hands
with Coach Evans
17 December 2011
I'd love to be a fly on the wall to hear what those guys talk about.
Having a word
with Coach Fournier
17 December 2011
Trying to stay warmed up for the Championship round
Hood up, legs moving,
getting warmed up
17 December 2011
This invitational was mixed with Varsity as well.
Everyone's getting
ready for the Finals
17 December 2011
Alissa told me it was dramatic before the championship rounds.
Opponents face off
before the championship
17 December 2011
The championship opponents all shook hands before their matches.
Eli & Landon
shake hands before...
17 December 2011
There's alot of pride in wearing the East High championship singlet.
Championship Round:
Eli in blue (right)
17 December 2011
This was one of those surprise bouts that I tend to fear...
Stalwart opponents
still on their feet
17 December 2011
Photo by Heidi Romsa
Eli breaking down
his worthy opponent
17 December 2011
Looking good for Eli, though maybe not too easy.
Eli working for the
championship title
17 December 2011
After this photograph, Eli's worthy opponent made a dramatic set of moves to win First Place.
Fighting for the pin
in the championship
17 December 2011

Alissa tells me that Eli's opponent, Landon, made a surprising set
of moves, turning the tide. At the end of the contest, Landon had secured
First Place, with Eli finishing in Second Place, for the 120-lb weight division.
He was disappointed to lose. His mom and I are quite proud of his sportsmanship,
and his hard work. Y'know, if he gets knocked down, he bounces right back up again.

Standings for East JV:

113 - Kyle Curby 3-0 1st
120 - Eli Boykin 2-1 2nd
120 - Philip Ash 1-2
126 - Levi Romsa 3-1 3rd
126 - Dax Cathcart 2-2 4th
138 - Dalton Mizel 2-2
138 - Chaz Olivas 2-2
145 - Brandon Mizel 1-2 6th
152 - Josh Guillory 2-1 2nd
160 - Corey Nelson 2-1 3rd
182 - Mike Schulz 1-2
220 - Isaac Taylor 3-2 6th


Photos by Alissa Boykin.

Copyright 2011 EBBoykinJr