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JV Wrestling

2011 Burns Dual

Burns, Wyoming

When we became wrestlers' parents, there were all kinds of new words to learn.
One of them is dual, which involves two teams in a wrestling event. Being
the wannabe English teacher I am, I always figured these guys just didn't know
how to spell duel, until I figured out why it's spelled in the former way, and not
the latter. That being said, let me say a few things about the Burns Dual of 2011.

Note the scrambling dad in the black jacket. Photo by Mrs. Romsa
Eli launches on his
worthy opponent
13 December 2011
Eli pinning his worthy opponent. Photo by Mrs. Romsa
Barely got the lens
cap off before this
13 December 2011
The match lasted about 20 seconds.
Eli's worthy opponent
kicking it hard
13 December 2011

When I went to the dual, I managed to get lost in Burns, population 385. I found the
high school in barely enough time to hear Eli's name announced overhead at the start
of his match. Pulling out my camera, I had all of twenty seconds to snap a few action
photos of him before he pinned his opponent. The dual lasted less than an hour.

The obligatory cooling-off period after his match
Phillip & Eli discuss
all things wrestling
13 December 2011
Sure is orange in here!
The referee takes center
for the next match
13 December 2011
Josh talking with Coaches Eldridge & Anadiotis
How'd I do?
Getting the scoop.
13 December 2011

He had been fasting for over 24 hours until he weighed in to adhere
to his 120-pound weight class. We rode home together afterwards.
At Wendy's, I watched him wolf down a double-patty burger, and half
of my single. He also inhaled french fries and a chocolate shake, and
when we got home, he kept eating until bedtime. He mentioned that a
counselor at school asked him if he is bulemic (she must be new to
wrestling). Fasting, yes. Bulemia, no, although I must say, on occasion,
he is a very good thrower-upper! When he's sick, that is...


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