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2011 Charlie Lake Invitational

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Charlie Lake was a Cheyenne East High School wrestler in the 1980's.
He was tragically killed in an automobile accident while he was returning
home from Chadron State College. In his honor, we have the Charlie Lake
Invitational, or Charlie Lake Invite, as it is commonly known around here.
Typically there are around a dozen teams that participate, from Wyoming,
Nebraska and Colorado. These are pictures of Eli, who won First Place
in his Junior Varsity weight division!

Eli's First Match

Photo by Mrs C or DB
East team huddle,
Eli to the right
10 December 2011
The black mat is Mat #1...
Eli warming up &
watching the action
10 December 2011
He likes this blurry picture... that's why it's included here.
Quiet time before
his first match
10 December 2011
Eli's Uncle Greg may have wrestled the official standing in the middle of the photo...
Referees kibbutzing
before Second Rounds
10 December 2011
On mat # 3, 2nd Rounds start with Eli's first match
Zach of Poudre
Vs. Eli of East
10 December 2011
My job, as Eli's dad, is to be supportive...
1st matches of the
120-lb weight division
10 December 2011
... and to keep my big mouth shut.
This division missed
1st Round. Too few.
10 December 2011
Naturally, I will take many pictures!
Zach & Eli
were well-matched
10 December 2011
Photo by Mrs C or DB
Arm locked, but
pushing "reset!"
10 December 2011
Photo by Mrs C or DB
Zach just wouldn't
go down easily
10 December 2011
Eli told me during the meet that lanky opponents are the most difficult to pin.
Maneuvering for
upper position
10 December 2011
A run for his money
No, it isn't
over yet...
10 December 2011
It was like the story, 'Little Black Sambo...'
They rotated round
and round again
10 December 2011
Photo by Mrs C or DB
Zach rolled out,
denying the pin
10 December 2011
This match went the full length of time.
Nothing worthwhile
is always easy?
10 December 2011
Zach would not be pinned without a fight...
Eli trying to pin
his worthy opponent
10 December 2011
Looks like two points for Green
Picking up points
in the event
10 December 2011
Still working on the pin, but no dice
The ref casting
a watchful eye
10 December 2011
Like I said, well-matched...
Zach got his head
up, denying the pin
10 December 2011
Scrappy guys...
Eli regained control,
but couldn't pin Zach
10 December 2011
Moment of uncertainty
Once, the tables
were nearly turned
10 December 2011
The score was close at this point
Eli regained control
of the match
10 December 2011
This was no give-away
3rd round in
an exciting match
10 December 2011
Photo by Mrs C or DB
A burst of effort
and determination
10 December 2011
It was a close match!
Eli won by decision
5 to 3. Whew!
10 December 2011

Semifinals: Eli's Second Match

After the match, the boy has to cool off...
Resting in the stands
after his match
10 December 2011
Kind of speaks volumes about his personality
Food & water,
food & water...
10 December 2011
This guy was the most entertaining & informative referee at the Invite
My favorite referee
officiating a bout
10 December 2011
There were rounds of consolation matches between the regular matches and the semifinals
Eli watching a teammate
vying for Third Place
10 December 2011
It's almost like the 'Tortured Artist Affect...'
Psyching for the match?
Readying for Semifinals
10 December 2011
Mountain View is in Colorado.
Tanner of Mtn View
Vs. Eli of East
10 December 2011
The stakes were getting higher.
Eli & Tanner compete
in the Semifinal
10 December 2011
The action was fast and deliberate
Eli attempts to
gain the advantage
10 December 2011
It was difficult for me to obtain a clear, motionless exposure
Around to the back
and on top again
10 December 2011
A rare pause in activity
Shifting position and
wearing him down
10 December 2011
Tanner on the defensive
Trying to break
free from Eli's grip
10 December 2011
If your opponent turns you over, you may be trouble.
Paging Mister Nelson,
Mr. Hal F. Nelson...
10 December 2011
At this point, Eli is very close to wrestling in the Final
Tanner tries to arch
his back, furiously...
10 December 2011
The referee had just slapped the mat , signifying a pin
Shoulders down;
match is over.
10 December 2011
Eli will be competing in the Championship match.
The official send-off:
& they shook hands
10 December 2011

Championship: Eli's Third Match

What did we do before digital media?
Coach Anadiotis & Eli
review the playback
10 December 2011
Eli had wrestled his opponent two days before at the Gering Dual
Ryan of Gering, Neb.
Vs. Eli of East
10 December 2011
Imagine how heavily this match weighed on both young men's psyche's.
Eli had bested Ryan
just two days ago
10 December 2011
I think Eli had an unspoken confidence nevertheless.
I urged a cautious
optimism unto Eli
10 December 2011
He just mentioned that he had pinned Ryan in Gering, and that was a fact.
What I witnessed
took my breath away
10 December 2011
I advised that Ryan may be 'onto him,' may have analyzed his moves by now.
Eli knows what it's
like to be defeated
10 December 2011
Eli simply restated the fact that he had won the last match with Ryan in Gering.
Today, though, it looks
like he's gonna win.
10 December 2011
Nobody listens to an armchair advisor, do they? Heh-heh!
Ryan does his best
to roll out of the pin
10 December 2011
Eli had a sincere empathy for everyone who lost their matches this day.
Eli pushes hard and
seals the decision
10 December 2011
I'm beginning to see that wrestlers are like that. Very sportsmanlike.
Winner, 120-lb wt-class,
2011 Charlie Lake Invite
10 December 2011
The front view of the championship singlet, worn by a champion
Eli models the
championship singlet
10 December 2011
Flipside. It goes back to the team after the championship.
A wrestler has to
earn this singlet
10 December 2011
Cellphone image... Mom was in Idaho
Random Pic, 10:33 AM
Photo for Mom...
10 December 2011
You get to wear this if you're in a championship match!
Random Pic, 4:25 PM
Championship singlet
10 December 2011
Cellphone image for Mom
Random Pic, 6:01 PM
First Place, 120 lbs
10 December 2011

Standings for East JV:

106 - Zach Denton 1-2
106 - Anthony Green 2-2
120 - Eli Boykin 1st Place
120 - Philip Ash 0-2
126 - Daniel Maestas 3-1 3rd Place
126 - Dax Cathcart 1-2
126 - Levi Romsa 2-2
138 - Dalton Mizel 1-2
138 - Chaz Olivas 1-2
138 - Gabe Martinez 1-2
145 - Brandon Mizel 3-1 3rd Place
152 - Josh Guillory 3-0 1st Place
160 - Brian Lopez 3-0 1st Place
182 - Mike Schulz 3-1 3rd Place
220 - Brett Schaeffer 3-0 1st Place
220 - Isaac Taylor 2-2 4th Place


Photographs by Ben Boykin, DBartlett & Mrs Romsa

Document Copyright 2011 EBBoykinJr