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JV Wrestling

Gillette/Sheridan Duals

28 January, 2012

Cheyenne, Wyoming

This was a long day at Cheyenne East High, consisting of
Varsity and Junior Varsity duals. In the morning, East wrestled
Gillette. In the afternoon, East wrestled Sheridan. Duals are
simple contests, and the winner is determined match-by-match.
The school with the most points wins the dual. Each wrestler
faces only one opponent, usually.

The entire JV lines up to watch...
JV watching its Varsity
teammates on the mat
28 January 2012
Eli is 2nd from the right
JV warming up for
the Sheridan dual
28 January 2012
Mrs. Fournier can keep score AND heal your wounds!
Coach & Mrs. Fournier
minding the points
28 January 2012
Beginning of the match
Collin of Sheridan Vs.
Eli of Cheyenne East
28 January 2012
I'm not entirely certain, but I believe Eli was a bit underweight...
Opening whistle,
126-lb weight class
28 January 2012

It was a rough time for Cheyenne East. Gillette trounced us.
Eli didn't have a match for the Gillette dual. The Sheridan dual
was exciting and close. When all the points were counted, East
edged out a victory over Sheridan. Later, a technicality was discovered
which gave Sheridan the win by a point or two.

Too bad Mom can't be here!
Getting the points:
Eli takes down Collin
28 January 2012
Things turn quickly in Wrestling. Not least of all, Collin! Photo by Heidi Romsa.
Worthy Opponent rolls
out of Eli's pin
28 January 2012
Good thing Mom's not here, maybe! Photo by Heidi Romsa
2nd round struggle:
action at 3 minutes
28 January 2012
That's Mrs. Romsa, taking pictures
Josh, Levi & Eli
watching the action
28 January 2012
This is Phil's 1st wrestling season. The learning curve is always 1 season long
Phil is determined
to beat the Bronc!
28 January 2012

I don't know about the wrestlers or the coaches at East, but I was
more than ready to see our school beat the pants off of Sheridan.
The bones of the 2011 state football championship are still fresh
in the elephant's graveyard of my mind!

Junior Varsity Stats


106 - Tristan McKenzie (G) pinned Anthony Green 2:54
106 - Tristan McKenzie (G) pinned Zach Denton 1:41
132 - Josh Allen (G) pinned Daniel Maestas 1:12
138 - Haydn Rawlings (G) tech. fall Dalton Mizel 20-3
138 - Patrick Johnson (G) pinned Brandon Mizel 3:07
145 - Austin Whaler (G) pinned Brandon Mizel 3:07


106 - Tyler Stauffer (S) pinned Anthony Green :42
106 - Tyler Stauffer (S) pinned Zach Denton :39
120 - Kholin Harmon (S) pinned Levi Romsa 1:34
120 - Kholin Harmon (S) pinned Phillip Ash 1:46
126 - Collin Cundy (S) pinned Eli Boykin 3:11
126 - Colin Harnish (S) pinned Dax Cathcart 5:12
132 - Daniel Maestas pinned Colten Hiel (S) 5:04
138 - Gabe Martinez pinned Adam Barber (S) 1:58
138 - Dalton Mizel pinned Nick Gill (S) 2:33
138 - Chaz Olivas pinned Kael Brandjorn (S) 3:16
145 - Brandon Mizel pinned Tim Cowan (S) 4:25
152 - Josh Guillory pinned Cody Welburn (S) 4:55
220 - Isaac Taylor pinned Tyler Stauffer (S) :39


All photographs by Heidi Romsa

Document Copyright 2012 EBBoykinJr