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Cheyenne Tournament

14 January, 2012

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Hosted by Cheyenne East High School in the middle of January,
Eli placed fourth in his weight class, defeated by "the only kid from
Natrona who's ever beat me," he says. That kid from Natrona
was the winner of the 120-pounders on that fine day, I guess.

Wrestler's dad John can hardly contain himself!
Coaches Eldridge &
Evans flanked by dads
14 January 2012
These photos would be difficult for Worthy Opponent's mom to look at.
Eli has control of
his worthy opponent
14 January 2012
I was unfortunately working this day
Say "Uncle."
Say it. SAY IT!
14 January 2012
It must have been a hard bout...
Worthy opponent is
clearly struggling...
14 January 2012
...sure are a lot of pictures of this match!
All matches end
with a handshake.
14 January 2012
Eli must have met his match this time.
Still working for
a clean pin...
14 January 2012
He just won't say 'uncle!'
Eli's worthy opponent
hanging in there
14 January 2012
Most of the time, these guys aren't aware of the faces they make.
It seems to be
14 January 2012
John is a former trainer with the Baltimore Ravens
John Schroeder,
East High trainer
14 January 2012
I think Eli won this match.
Lingle Dogger under
an East Thunderbird
14 January 2012
These gentlemen moonlight with the Junior Varsity
Coach Evans speaks
with Coach Fournier
14 January 2012
East Vs Laramie this round, perhaps
Mat burns to the
forehead are common!
14 January 2012
Got the pin, Ref...
Looking good for
Eli right now...
14 January 2012
Uhhm, excuse me. Got the pin, Ref, pretty sure...
This is the funniest
picture I've seen yet!
14 January 2012
You can see this is later in the meet...
East Vs. Natrona
on the mat...
14 January 2012

Standings for East JV:

106 - Anthony Green 1-2
120 - Levi Romsa 3-1 2nd
120 - Eli Boykin 4-1 4th
120 - Philip Ash 2-2
126 - Daniel Maestas 3-2 4th
126 - Dax Cathcart 1-2
138 - Dalton Mizel 3-1 4th
138 - Chaz Olivas 1-2
145 - Brandon Mizel 1-2
160 - Corey Nelson 2-2 4th
182 - Mike Schulz 1-2 3rd
220 - Isaac Taylor 0-2 4th


All photographs by Heidi Romsa

Document Copyright 2012 EBBoykinJr