Team Sports

Wyoming High School Football
State Championship Game

Cheyenne East Thunderbirds VS. Sheridan Broncs

Final Score: Cheyenne 14, Sheridan 42

12 November 2011

The Cheyenne East varsity football team had a number of
key victories toward the end of the 2011 season which placed
them in the state championship game. They came in with a record
of 7 wins and 4 losses to face the Sheridan High Broncs. Sheridan
boasted a record of 10 wins and 1 loss. The game was played in
in Laramie, at University of Wyoming's War Memorial Stadium.

Sheridan's talented running back taking the ball from the quarterback.
Sheridan has the ball,
First Quarter
12 November 2011
The Broncs did not vary much from a running game
The same play again
& again from the Broncs
12 November 2011
Cheyenne's QB had a decent passing game
East runs the ball,
First Quarter
12 November 2011

I was still parking my truck when I heard the opening
kickoff on the radio. In quick succession, both teams
scored a touchdown, and the huge cannon shot went off
in the stadium. I watched from the 50 yard line, high in
the stands, as Sheridan pulled ahead by Halftime. My hopes
that it would be a close game were quickly dashed. I had a
sympathetic lump in my throat for our team. I also wondered,
since we're behind anyway, why none of the JV guys were
getting played in the game. It's a dad thing, I guess.

Eli is number 42
JV players alongside
the Varsity squad.
12 November 2011
The quiet side of the post-game playing field.
State Runners-up
feeling their loss
12 November 2011
The start of a nasty snow storm...
We are nevertheless
Thunderbird proud!
12 November 2011

The Thunderbirds went to a passing game, taking some
chances which paid off most of the time. East, despite the
lopsided score, made stalwart drives toward the goal, but a few
unlucky events allowed Sheridan to maintain a cushioned margin of victory.
The Broncs ran the same play, and the same player, time after time.

I have never seen a bunch of teenage boys so quiet and dejected
in my life. I was proud of them for getting to play in the championship!