Team Sports

Junior Varsity Football

Cheyenne East Thunderbirds
VS. Laramie Plainsmen

5 October 2011

Autumn really gave us a taste of the season
during the East Versus Laramie game! I went to
see the Thunderbirds play the Plainsmen, and
so did the weather. Fun football conditions!

Laramie in maroon, East in white
Team captains and
officials: coin toss
5 Oct 2011
The opening kickoff, East receiving
Opening kickoff:
Laramie defending
5 Oct 2011
Opening plays
East runs the ball,
First quarter
5 Oct 2011
Laramie going after it during the opening plays
Laramie defense
ending the play
5 Oct 2011
Despite a tenacious defense, East gained steady yardage
East used its strong
runners most of the game
5 Oct 2011

In Laramie, there is only one set of bleachers, on the west side
of the football field. The Cheyenne fans for the most part congregated
together down near the 50-yard-line in the stands. In contrast, seated
high in the stands, I found myself surrounded by Laramie fans,
but they were very cordial & friendly. Besides, up here next to
the press box, I didn't so much need an umbrella!

East's # 27 pursued by Laramie's stealth defender # 79
East on a big gain,
for a touchdown
5 Oct 2011
Kick goes out-of-bounds. Eli's # 42
Kick out-of-bounds:
Laramie's ball
5 Oct 2011
By now, it was sleeting in Laramie's faces
Laramie prepares to
move the football
5 Oct 2011
This drive ended with East scoring a touchback against the Laramie offense.
East denied Laramie
yardage this drive
5 Oct 2011
Go, boys, go!
Eli (# 42) and teammates
pursue the receiver
5 Oct 2011

I asked one of the Laramites why some of their team had white numbers,
while others had dark numbers, on their jersies. Turns out the white-numbered
players were freshmen, while the others were sophomores and juniors. I was impressed
that the quarterback was a freshman. I commented that he had quite a good passing arm,
and he stayed cool under heavy defensive pressure. They nodded in consensual glee.

"Yeah, he does all right," they beamed.

Changing direction for the tackle
After the receiver:
Hey! There he goes!
5 Oct 2011
Laramie's Freshman QB cool under fire
Laramie's ball:
East surges forward
5 Oct 2011
South side of the rainbow, with lighting
Beauty above,
misery below
5 Oct 2011
Autumn: there's a football in the air...
Northern arm of
the rainbow...
5 Oct 2011
They started the game in skirts...
Cheyenne East had the
cheerleaders in support
5 Oct 2011

I also noticed, besides a stubborn defense (with their stealth weapon, "Joe," Number 79),
Laramie had a kicker who prompted our coach to move his receivers deep downfield. East won
the game in the end, 23-7. Despite the rivalry, I couldn't help knowing that all of these boys might
someday be playing on the same team.

Kick-off, into the sleet. Eli is #42
Cheyenne East High
JV kicking off again
5 Oct 2011
Going after the receiver en masse
Eli and teammates
overtake the receiver
5 Oct 2011
It was like watching a wave break over the seashore
Another T-bird kickoff,
sleet at their backs
5 Oct 2011
You can see the standing water on the running track
East defending the
Laramie kick return
5 Oct 2011
All points converge on the runner!
Laramie getting stopped
on the return
5 Oct 2011

Toward the end of the game, the spectators were as soaked as the players.
While I was taking pictures, one of the Laramites, a nice fellow as big as a
brick house, shielded me & my equipment from the harsh horizontal sleet.

Nice guy!