Team Sports

Junior Varsity Football

Cheyenne East Thunderbirds
VS. Casper Natrona County Mavericks

1 October 2011

"Awww, dang it!" I moaned, slapping the air.

Alissa and I were halfway to Casper already, so
there was no going back to get the camera I forgot to bring.
Wyoming high school sports means driving long distances for "away games." Today,
the drive was over 200 miles each way. Atleast the weather was warm, and the wind
was minimal. I tried to figure out where I could borrow a camera. No dice!

This cellphone image is all that have to show of the game!
T-birds (in white) kicking off to the Mavericks.
Casper, Wyoming. 1 Oct 2011

This was a Saturday game, so there were considerably more East fans on hand than
the last weekday game, at Scottsbluff, Nebraska. It was also warmer, and the tempers
ran alot hotter, especially when there seemed to be a bias for Casper on the part of
the game officials. I can't deny that it certainly looked that way: I'd never seen
so many flags flying on consecutive plays in my life. Still, I kept my voice down...

...Unlike a few of the East fans! I didn't want to embarass the players, but that didn't
appear to concern a number of our side. It became so raucous that our superintendent
had to intervene and put out the fire in the bleachers, so-to-speak.

Officials' bias or not, East lost to Natrona, 39-23. Unfortunately, it wasn't a clean victory,
but the JV did a good job of persevering against a drastically-unlevel playing field.