Team Sports

Junior Varsity Football

Cheyenne East High VS. Scottsbluff Wildcats

20 September 2011

The East High Thunderbirds won a nail-biter game
against the highly-capable Scottsbluff Wildcats, 33-15.

Kick-off, early in the game. Eli is #42
Cheyenne East High
JV kicking off
20 Sept 2011
Another kick-off. Eli's # 42
Kick off after a score:
Cheyenne East JV
20 Sept 2011
Running toward the receiver
Moving downfield
on the kick-off
20 Sept 2011
JV has alot of skin in the game.
Another kick-off
after a touchdown
20 Sept 2011

You might wonder how it could be called a nail-biter when
the score ended so lop-sided? At Halftime, the score was tied,
and sometimes I can't help but think that we were a bit lucky.
I'm just a dad, though. I'm not a skilled athletics expert.

#16 was Scottsbluff's best runner.
Cheyenne East stopping
the kickoff return
20 Sept 2011
Unity. These guys are connected.
East High huddle:
As One
20 Sept 2011
This play was stopped at the line of scrimmage.
East stopping
the drive
20 Sept 2011
East gained a few yards on this play
East running the ball
for a modest gain
20 Sept 2011

I do know this: it sure got cold as the clouds covered the sun!
By the time Eli piled into the car (he offered to ride home with me!),
I was shivering uncontrollably, in my light pile sweater & t-shirt!

Kicking off again. Eli is #42
Cheyenne East High
JV kicks off again
20 Sept 2011
Getting downfield, becoming Defense.
Junior Varsity making
their mark in Nebraska
20 Sept 2011
Defending the goal
Cheyenne East JV
defending the goal
20 Sept 2011
Eli is # 42
Cheyenne East during
another kick-off
20 Sept 2011

I had not actually been in Scottsbluff since I first wandered through here
back in 1988, on the day I arrived to reside in Wyoming, January 26th.

And believe me, it was cold on that day as well!

Eagle flying over the playing field
Eagle flying
over Scottsbluff
20 Sept 2011
Heralding cool weather...
Cold clouds over
Scottsbluff, Nebraska
20 Sept 2011