Team Sports

Homecoming - Varsity Football

Cheyenne East Thunderbirds VS. Cheyenne Central Indians

16 September 2011

Revenge is a meal best eaten cold. Or something like that.
This year East beat Central, 21-14. It was a sweet victory, and
it was a very close contest. The teams seemed well-matched.

Taylor & marching band member Jake at the East Vs. Laramie varsity game
Taylor & Jake,
football patrons
2 Sept 2011
East in black, Central in white
QB well-protected
throwing a pass
16 Sept 2011
The JV suited up for Varsity games as well, all season.
Eli & other JV
players look on
16 Sept 2011
Kyle is a long-time friend of our sons.
Kyle keeping the beat
during Half Time
16 Sept 2011

Although this was a Varsity game, the JV suited up for it as well.
That's why I had to include it in JV: It was an important win!
Eli's number is 42.

Those crazy Indians!!
Central High's Village
People have spirit too!
16 Sept 2011
Hard-fought yardage...
A small gain for
alot of hard knocks!
16 Sept 2011
These guys have a cool huddle.
East QB calling
the next play
16 Sept 2011
It was down to the wire by this point.
Final minute of the game:
East Beats Central!
16 Sept 2011