Team Sports


Eli & Taylor played in Little League for a time.
Their team was the Red Sox. Their coaches were fantastic!
There's nothing better than watching your kids have a good time!

Eli throwing big during a game
Throw big, and be
ready for anything
21 May 2003
Eli in the dugout
Eli in the dugout,
Back on defense
21 May 2003
Heyyy, battah-battah...
Eli takes a swing
at a fast ball
21 May 2003
Hey, battah-battah...
Taylor's turn at
bat during a game...
21 May 2003

It seemed like there was no such thing as Global Warming during
these games (we wished it was warmer!). The weather was so
when the boys were playing baseball in the Spring. 2003 was freezing.

Taylor on a base-hit play
Taylor defending
the team
21 May 2003
Warming up for a chance at bat
Taylor warming up
for the next bat
21 May 2003
Walking to the next game
Eli & Taylor at the
baseball fields
15 June 2003